This is where all the “About Us” of our former writers are archived after they move on from Bokutachi.

Name: Scamp

jungle gunn

Why Scamp?: I could pretend it’s because of something manly but no. It’s the name of my teddy I’ve had since I was 1. He’s a white fluffy dog. Well, he was fluffy. Most of his hair’s fallen out by now.

Brief Bio: I’m an Irish bloke currently living in England. I’m doing a lovely course in New Media (I even used this blog as a reference to how awesome I was at internet related stuff. Needless to say they instantly accepted me). I’m also a big Arsenal fan as well as soccer in general so you might see the occasional bit of premiership references drop into my posts.

Anime preferences: Well, lets start off with what I don’t like: Yaoi, long running shounens, an anime where it only involves a bunch of girls being insufferably nice to each other (this includes yuri), female wish fulfillment and really stupid fanservice anime. I’ll generally watch anything else although I do have a soft spot for mind games and mecha. And Clamp. Hey, guess what anime I like based off those three…

Blogging style: I do episodic posts mostly but I try to keep the number of series I blog down to about 2. Along with constant monthly roundups and first impressions, I do like to toss in an occasional editorial. Since I’m not great at looking at the philosophical side of anime or serious commentary on anime fandom, I usually try to keep them funny. Not that there won’t be a serious point at the heart of the post but mainly it will just make you giggle (that’s one thing I’m confident about, I can make people laugh). But most of all I love to try build hype for new series. For this reason you will not only see an upcoming anime page at the top of the screen but also incredibly detailed and rather early season previews (which take forever to make BTW).

Other sites: My MAL account if you so wish. I do update it quite frequently so add me if you do like to read the blog (but make sure if you send a friend request that you say you read the blog). I also have a twitter which I only ever use for blabbing about anime related matters so you won’t have to hear random bits of info about my personal life. You may have to listen to the occasional bit of Arsenal tweeting though.

In case any of you were wondering, the pictures is the one that appears whenever I comment. It’s Hare from Jungle Wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu, a brilliant anime that doesn’t get the attention it bloody well deserves.

Where you can find Scamp now: On December 25th, 2009, Scamp announced that he was going to start his own anime blog. Being both sad that he was leaving and thrilled at his new project, we wished our friend and fellow writer the best for his new adventure. You can follow him here: The Cart Driver.

Name: Kaza

Air gear- ikki kaza

Why Kaza?: *sigh* I was born with the last name of Cazarine. Yes, indeed it is Italian, BUT I have only my great grandfather who is Italian. So then I came up with Caza, but I liked how Kaza just looked SOOoo much better. Am I right? It has a nice ring to it too.

Brief Bio: *constant panting* I’m a Brazilian/American boy, living in the US. I’m a part-timer at a mini-barn factory, but I’m also doing my sophomore year in high school. Traveling and exploring new places are my favorite activity. My life has always been unstable when it comes to staying in one place, but what has stayed with me forever is my motto: “Simplicity is the next step humanity must take to obtain happiness” And I guess that also goes with the saying, “simple pleasures”.

Anime Preferences: *starts breathing harder* I have to admit that I have a liking to echhi/action anime, although to some level it may be looked down upon. Now a days I’m falling for anything that has a well developed story-line and good quality. So, I’m sorry people, I just can’t stand those old anime series and stuff like DBZ and Bleach. And I love watching romance movies like “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”. But not just romance though, Ride Back was awesome too. (notice how the quality of these is spot-on)

Blogging Style: Well, to tell you all the truth, I’ve been around computers since my dawn of time but I have never done anything like blogging. So if I may say, because I am still learning, the only thing you can expect from me now are episodic reviews (for two at the most) and the occasional OMG reviews like the one I did on Bakemonogatari. (truly, that was just frikken amazing) The way I write comes directly from my personality, so I’m not playing someones role here, and with that comes my spontaneous words (which I think can sometimes be funny). If there ever were a name for the style I blog in, it would be called “Kazaform”.  BTW, I’m very open for any tips any bloggers/writers out there have to offer.

You may have noticed that I changed my ID photo from a couple weeks back, but I think now it will stay, XD. Well, it’s actually Itsuki Minami, or Ikki for short, from the first anime that I ever watched, Air Gear. Absolutely loved his personality, (and his cute girlfriend too, lol) and just like any other teenage boy, he rocks at eating! XD

Where you can find Kaza now: After taking a short hiatus in December of 2009, Kaza returned but temporarily before making his leave official and indefinite. While there’s no hint as to whether or not he’ll be writing reviews ever again, you can keep an eye out for him in the comments section.


Why Spiral:Hmm, I don’t know.  Partially because I had to pick a quick name I used the same name as I go by on Youtube.  Anime is like a continuous spiral – you get the same years and producers and companies and seiyuus, yet anime never grows old and never dies.

Brief Bio:I’m a senior in high school in Korea, but I’m from the United States.  I’m chill as things usually go but you do not ever want to get on the wrong side of me.  I’m a big fan of J-Pop and follow Chelsea Football Club passionately (I’ll stay up at 2 AM just to watch the games).  SCAMP and Brian are Arsenal fans so… we’ll leave who’s the better team outside the blog.

Anime Preferences:I tell myself I usually like the good ones – my friends say I watch the weird ones.

Blogging Style:I like the anime I watch and I want you to like it too.  I usually just write a summary of the episode with my thoughts.  Pics with some self-made captions.  I like to curse a lot but… yeah, that’s a habit I’m trying to fix.

Other Sites:Facebook and Windows Live –> if you really love me that much,

Favorite Anime: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Music I listen to: 1) Eminem 2) Jpop 3) Kpop

Favorite Anime Character: Saber (Fate/Stay Night)

Where you can find SPIRAL now: One year and nearly three hundred posts later, Spiral has decided to take his next step in anime blogging with Choclate Syrupy Waffles. We’ve appreciated all he’s given here at Bokutachi and we wish him all the best at his new home!

Name: Havieru-X

Why Havieru-X: Well, basically this is a new identity chosen for the specific task of blogging. I have a thing for languages, especially Japanese (Otaku from the bottom of my heart!), hence I just changed my own name to the Jap pronunciation and voila! The X stands for one of my favorite comics characters: Professor Charles Xavier, better known as Professor X in the X-Men universe… and is basically as my own signature since it appears in every nickname I’ve used in my life.

Brief Bio: Mexican born and raised. Already integrated to the boring world of jobs and housekeeping, but still being able to have some time for myself (sometimes too much of it). Love anime since the first time I watched Gekkō Kamen (you can get an idea of how old I am by that, but hey, youth lies within ourselves, or at least that’s what I like to believe :D) and have never grown tired of it. Reading is my second passion, I can read over 60 books a year (real books; comics, manga and computer catalogues not included.) Spanish being my native language, sometimes it’s hard for me to pull gags into my posts, but I will try to get better at it. Patience!

Anime Preferences: Well, I’m a boy!.. which means anything too cute or too sickly sweet won’t fit my taste. I enjoy anime that makes me laugh, think, get mad or any other emotion that normal life don’t provides in enough quantity (it sounded like a drug!). Please take a seat before reading this, I don’t want anybody to get hurt: I really, really, really DON’T like mechas :O… I know there are pretty good series like Robotech, FMP, Gundam or even Evangelion, but for some reason (perhaps a genetic disorder or bulimia, don’t know for sure) I just can’t stick to them. What can I say? Nobody’s perfect.

Blogging Style: Well, this is my first time blogging, so I’m still trying to define my own style (thanks to all of you who have or will have provided your critics and recommendations). I talk a lot, so probably something of that will reflect in the posts, but will keep the chat light and as funny as my limited English vocabulary permits…

About the ID photo, that’s Rurouni Kenshin, perhaps my favorite anime character of all times.. Why? Well it’s loyal, funny, strong, but over all things, I think he’s mature enough  to know the difference about what he CAN do and what he SHOULD do… which at least in my case is one of the hardest things to learn.

Where you can find Havieru-X now: … I’d like to know myself.

Name: lygophile

Why lygophile: I was thinking of possible usernames at one point in my life and I pressed the random page link on Wikipedia. I came upon a phobia of some sort, I dont remember what it was. But I thought that it would make an interesting username. I checked out the list of phobias on Wikipedia, and lygophobia jumped out at me. After learning what it meant, I realized that the opposite would apply more to me. Hence I chose lygophile.

Brief Bio: Chinese, but born and raised in the US. Parents both from the Chinese Shanghai area. Eventually discovered manga first, then expanded to anime as well. My main time-wasting activity though is video gaming – atm, DotA is my thing. I’m also pretty good at math.

Anime Preferences: I like almost anything without excessive fanservice or ridiculous/nonexistent plots. It’s also okay with me if something has been done before, I really don’t mind. Major pluses for good drawing and cute characters.

Blogging Style: Probably episodic reviews with summary + comments + hopes.

Where you can find lygophile now: With Poro…

Name: Gooney

Why Gooney: Honestly, It’s just a bad nickname that’s stuck with me for the last 10 or so years, nothing else.

Brief Bio: Well, I’m a 17 year old from South Africa, with plans to get into the exciting world of journalism.  I got into anime about 7 years ago when my cousin showed me Cowboy Bebop and Love Hina. I’m a huge gamer, so when I’m not watching anime, you can pretty much guarantee I’ll be gaming, the games you’ll most likely see me playing are the Disgaea series, No More Heroes, and Metal Gear Solid 3.

Anime Preferences: Well,as a result of the actions of the previously mentioned cousin, I have a penchant for sci-fi, comedy and romance, though I really enjoy pretty much all genres with the exception of yaoi.

Blogging Style: At the moment I’ll be trying to do episodic reviews, though I may try to do a bit more if all goes well and time lets me.

My ID photo is Travis Touchdown, the greatest videogame character of all time from one of my favourite games, No More Heroes. You haven’t played it? You’re a terrible person. Only kidding, of course, but if you own a PS3 or a Wii and you still haven’t played it, drop whatever it is you may or may not be doing and play it right now. It’s about an otaku with a lightsaber, and it has a good plot! What more reason do you need!?

Where you can find Gooney now: Somewhere in South Africa playing video games, I presume.


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