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Level E Episode 12… Luck of the uglies

Hey there! It’s been a while since I last posted about Level E, but don’t think I forgot about it, it was just that work keeps falling from the sky (wish it were money instead of bare work… be careful what you wish for.).

Anyway, we got the pre-final episode aired and it brings 2 good things along with it: It’s an arc opening and Tsutsui is in it.

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Spring 2011 Anime Preview


Makes it hard to keep watching... but I suggest you try your best to..

After overcoming many difficulties, surpassing our own limits and exercising our cynicism (and chauvinism, and probably cretinism too..) capacity to its top, we finally finished with the Spring Season Review article today! (Whee!). Be kind, remember that Team Zero is 60% built out of newbies whose larger post is not even half this one. Anyway, feel free to read what each one of us thinks about the coming shows, pick your bests, identify yourself with our authors and definitely watch the animes… that way you will come back to us looking for answers XD.

So, since I know you have been waiting for this too long, let’s proceed to the main attraction:

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Fractale 8…

My nominee for one of Season's Best Shots

Hey there!. I watched this episode last Friday. I watched it again last Saturday. Not because it’s interesting, not because it’s shocking, and definitely not because I liked it, but because I just couldn’t find any way of putting it together with the rest of the show and I had to write about it for all of you (you thought that a blogger’s life was all girls and candies?).

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Kimi no Iru Machi – 126… If you play with fire…

Hey there! It’s been a while since last KNIM post, but that’s only due to work overload, since the plot is actually as interesting as always. Just want to let you know that I don’t think  on making a weekly review on this manga, but only posting every 2 or 3 chapters to spread my word on the most striking aspects.

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Fractale – 7… viva Las Vegas!

Let me tell you something before I start babbling about this episode: Before I decided to blog Fractale, all I knew about it was what I learned from the trailer. Some beautiful scenery, 2 girls and a boy flying in an airship all smiling and allowing us to think of a discovery adventure within a fantastic world. Episode 5 was a huge deception, and episode 6 was not that better to rise my faith in this project. When I started watching this episode I had my expectations as low as my mood, I don’t like to be disappointed, but after all, I have a responsibility with all of you, to keep posting my thoughts about it, either good or bads.

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Level E -9… It’s easier to build a pole than dig a hole

Ouji is back in town, and with him the arc finale. As expected from his Highness, Kraft is the one to pay the broken plates and after an excellent deployment of diplomatic capacity during previous episode, we can almost feel his inner guts get consumed in gastric acids because of Prince’s behavior.

Even romantic stories can be fun, you know?… Probably if Shakespeare had watched level E before writing Romeo and Juliet, even kids would have enjoyed it before arriving to puberty.

Anyway, straight to the story.

I didn't sleep waiting for this episode... NOT!

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Madoka Battery – 9… Physics terms and human feelings…

Ok kids, today we’re gonna review 2 very important concepts in the world of Mahou Shoujo:

Entropy is a thermodynamic property that is a measure of the energy not available for useful work in a thermodynamic process, such as in energy conversion devices, engines, or machines.

Pimp is… well, you should know by now and if you don’t, go ask your daddy since I don’t wanna be responsible for anyone’s career path choices.

In other words, we get that Equivalent Trade Law is bullshit and that Kyubey’s job has a name.

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