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11.11 just came & gone – Are you still single?

Edit: Alignment of pictures and table are off, gotta fix that.

11.11 Singles Day was just over! What have you looted?

For myself, I looted a new casing for my huawei mate 20; jumped ship after 12 years with samsung!

After getting married, my PC gaming/anime watching time nose-dived but time for mobile gaming went up so I splurged and bought 3 telescopic gaming controllers to test.

I have yet to receive the controllers and will give a brief impression once they are in my hands. 8bitdo SN/SF30 Pro was also considered but given a miss as it was not the form factor I was looking for.

Pictures of controller followed by cross-comparison specifications and my comments.

1st gaming controller: Flydigi Wee (I got the black)



2nd gaming controller: IPEGA 9083 aka Redknight





3rd gaming controller: IPEGA 9087 (To test on ipad air 2)




Gone are the days of PSP, I am going to choose 1 or 2 to keep then sell or gift the other 2 away. If there’s enough comments, I might even gift one reader! (Only in singapore though)

Games that will be tested:

Mobile legends
Brawl stars
PPSPP emulator for fighting games; dragonball, gundam etc.

If you have any games you would like me to test by christmas 2018, feel free to comment below!


I am married and selling manga & small gundams in singapore

Dear random strangers on the internet, I former blogger of this site has returned…to declare that I am married and selling off my manga and gundam gashapons

Link to forum page:

1. GTO Manga 1-25(complete), and the new series 1-6 unopened (incomplete)
Publisher: Tongli

2. Future diary 1-12(complete) + 2 
Publisher: kadokawak…nga-194249481/

3. Evangelion 1-12 (complete)
Publisher: Chuangyi (1-10), Kadokawa (11-12)

4. Eureka 7 1-6 (complete)- psalms of planets 
Publisher: Kadokawa

5. Gundam Series

Gundam seed 1 to 5
Gundam seed astray 1 to 3
Gundam seed astray X 1 and 2
Gundam seed astray R 1 to 4

Gundam seed destiny the edge 1 to 5
Gundam seed destiny astray 1 to 4

Gundam 00 1 to 3

Gundam federation 1 to 5

Gundam W 1
Gundam X 2

Gundam F90

6. Loose manga
神风 1-6 (complete)
Variante 1-4 (complete)
Manhole 1-3 (complete)
Darker than black 1-2 (complete)
Gun x sword – 1
Peacemaker 1-5 (as far as they published)
Ga rei – 1 (incomplete)
Liar game -1 (incomplete)…nga-194249994/

7. Mugen manga
Publisher: Chuangyi

8. G Flex Gundam seed and destiny (29 pcs) all boxes included

This image has been resized.Click to view original image

This image has been resized.Click to view original image

This image has been resized.Click to view original image

This image has been resized.Click to view original image…ny-194250556/?

9. G Flex Gundam 00 (including 2 x rare trans-am) (15pcs) boxes included

This image has been resized.Click to view original image

This image has been resized.Click to view original image


Assassination classroom movie review (Coming soon & it never did)




Gintama the movie – The final chapter


Screened in Singapore, I watched it and it was awesome.


Revisiting old series: Gun x Sword

Van on Dann – Vengence will be his…or not? A journey with an epic conclusion, one of the few well done endings for mecha anime, a taste that my fellow bloggers might not have acquired for =p

Title: Gun X Sword
Genre: action, western, fantasy, mecha, comedy
Released date: July 4, 2005 – December 26, 2005
Episode: 26
Director: Goro Taniguchi
Animated by: Studio AIC A.S.T.A

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Review of Buster Optimus Prime Leader Class Takara Tomy Limited Edition and Stop Motion Videos

Credits for this photo: UNOYO's Toy box. Click for direct link to his review in japanese

Yes it’s optimus prime! Leader class from Takara Tomy. He’s back from the Dark Side of the moon! It’s huge, it’s awesome and a piece of art. More after the break on how I acquired it and lots of images!

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Revisiting old films: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

The Turks make this awesome to watch.

So what do you do on a day when you are 1) down with fever + dry cough and 2) bored to death. Rewatch old films! Final Fantasy VII advent children, first released in 2005, then again in 2009 as bluray. The latter is the director’s cut which I just rewatched and well, the extra scenes don’t really make a big difference. This might sound heretic but I never finished playing FFVII, I installed it on my computer back in 1998 and it wasn’t powerful enough to run it. I installed it again in 2007 and it was too old to be run on windows xp. I tried playing it on PSP but then I lost my PSP! Now I have the chance to play it on Galaxy S but I’m selling it! Perhaps I might complete it on my new phone Samsung Galaxy SII but it seems I have digressed too much. Let’s see what made this movie rock and not rock from the point of view of a person who never ever completed Final Fantasy VII nor Crisis core on PSP. P.S. There has on and off rumours that there could be a remake of FFVII for PS3. If that happens, I’m so borrowing a PS3 from my uncle.

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