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12 Days of Anime #11: noitaminA; a Good Return

As today is the 1st Thursday of our 12 Days of Anime series I thought it be appropiate to cover the one thing that we all look forward on a Thursday. Yep, I’m talking about noitaminA.


Supposedly the slot reserved for the top rated anime of the season but has that held true for the year?

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C: Money is Fiction

I don’t blog C, but this is interesting.  Even though, it is from This American Life.  It has strong relevance to the topic at hand.  NO, the topic isn’t about MIDAS NOODLES WITH TENTACLE GRAPE ON THE SIDE!! (although that would totally be awesomerific.)  It’s about what money and what it actually is.

Also, new rule!! First comment must include FIRST BLOOOOD!!  in their comment somewhere.  E.g.



Poro, YOUR Da b3st b1o993r of all time!!



[C] The money of soul and possibility control – Episode 6

Wow! I’m breaking my record by posting my reviews less than 7 days after the episode is aired! Hope this doesn’t become and habit or I’ll be forced to spoil my readers, hehehe!

This time the plot is getting mature, introducing new schools of thought regarding the future of the Financial District and Kimimaro equally.

There goes someone's future.. it tastes good with pepper...

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[C] – The money of soul and possibility control – Episode 5…

Yay! Finally will post for this show with a reasonable delay! Not that I have much to say about it, but more I have questions to make and hopefully someone out there will have the answers I want…

Ok, first, I won't be putting any extra phrases in the post's titles... the show's name is long enough to cover for my daily amount of written characters...

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[C] – TMOSAPC Episodes 3 & 4… Following your old man’s steps

Hey there! Been a long time since my last post, so I hope you haven’t found yourselves a new favorite babbler nor a different blog to read about the shows I’ve been reviewing. If you promise to be loyal I’ll promise to keep posting at least once a week from now on.. .deal?

Weee!.. you can see the excitement in his sight!... Damn!

See what happens when you watch this anime too much??… Suddenly you start negotiating even the water you drink, the air you breathe and the salary that keeps your internet connection working (And no, that wasn’t the reason I was away.. negotiations actually went pretty smooth :D).

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C Episode 2.. Surprises can still be good!

Yo!.. I know this is like a thousand years late, but workload has been increasing recently (unfortunately money flow hasn’t, wish equivalent trade principle would really exist). Anyway, I was able to watch this episode just now, and couldn’t wait to write about it. Before the actual review, let me just tell all of you one thing: Life can still give us nice surprises…

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[C] Episode 1.. Wanna make a deal?

Here we are again.. after a nice 3 weeks hiatus, I finally got something more to write about. Past season shows left me with a good impression (still waiting for Madoka to end.. 04/21, almost there!!) and new season shows seem to be doing pretty good during their initial episodes.

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As stated in the Spring Review, I will be blogging [C] The money of bla bla bla… (too much to remember after just one episode..). Yeah, Noitamina again,  and I just hope this time I’m able to watch some really amazing show, although gotta say i won’t rise my expectations anymore.

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