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Top Ten Anime of 2009

I got an early present for y’all – the final anime list is one day early.  YAY consider it a present for those of you who read this blog daily.  And after a long year of anime, we finally come to the final list.  The best anime of the year can only go to the best, meaning all qualities of the anime must be good.  Are you ready for the ultimate list?

Honorable Mentions (meaning they did not make the list but they’re worth trying out):


Incredible graphics, yet disappointing storyline.  This could’ve easily won the best anime had it not been for the standing plot.


Good aspects all around, but the others were better.

Zan Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei

Comedy with random facts of society, life, and people – you either love this or hate this.  And I personally love it.

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Top Ten OP Sequences

How I judged this category was by the following criteria:

1) Good song

2) Good lyrics

3) Good singer

4) Relates to the anime itself

5) Is it worth the 1:30 minutes to watch over and over for each episode?

Coming in tenth place, it’s [Spiral] by angela in Asura Cryin’

It’s not the best openings, but it gives a good idea of what the anime is about.  For those of you wondering, I did NOT get my SPIRAL from this SPIRAL.  ;D

9th – K-ON!

Good anime, but the OP sequence doesn’t really keep up to it.  It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s repetitive.  However, if I didn’t put this up I think that I would face a lynch mob.

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the end of Canaan

The beginning of the end of nothing.


the original Canaan

(I know you’d all rather be reading Scamp’s Hetalia’s reviews, and so I thank you for your time.)

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canaan episodes 9 & 10

darker than black hei

Remember in Episode One, when Canaan seemed so cool because she was an amazingly skilled assassin, showing off her Synesthestic powers which help her obliterate all of her enemies (except for Alphard, that is)? Well, since losing her ability to see and feel the “colours”, we realize how utterly useless Canaan really is. She’s peeved because she doesn’t feel equip to protect Maria; I’m peeved because she can’t land a shot on someone standing right in front of her.

I always figured that killers can kill regardless of any “super-human” abilities they may possess – or at least they should be able to. Take Hei for example, from Darker Than Black: as a Contractor, he’s quite deadly. But even when he’s not using his Contractor abilities, he’s no less of a threat. It’s not like, if for one reason or another, he couldn’t generate electricity (or reconstruct particles on an atomic level), his enemy could easily elude him. It’s dangerous to be on Hei’s bad side – which is why I carry a bag of cookies and a cup of instant noodles with me at all times.

But I digress.

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Canaan Episode Seven & Eight

I want to say that things are picking up without giving anyone false hope. But then again, there isn’t much hope for Canaan, is there? Sigh…

i like mino-san

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Canaan Episodes Five & Six

my name is yun yun!

One of the many things a professional killer needs to conquer or tame (internally) – in my opinion – is fear: fear of killing, fear of others; fear of death. So to begin Episode Five with Canaan ambling down a street, recalling the sounds of Alphard’s dominance over her – which then causes her to throw up – really discredits her as an assassin. Though some may argue that as long as she gets the job done, what happens in her “free” time doesn’t matter. That’s true to some degree but, as we learn in these two episodes, sometimes what happens in “free” time really affects the job.

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canaan episodes three & four (sigh)

alphard owns canaan

In my first review of the first two episodes, my first impression was that I found this anime entertaining and interesting. In my second review of the third and fourth episodes, I’m afraid I have to retract my interest. Unfortunately, drawing out or even putting off this review isn’t going to make the series any better so I may as well get down to the happenings in Episodes Three and Four.

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CANAAN Episodes One & Two

thought this picture might draw in more readers (haha)

thought this picture might draw in more readers

What an entertaining show – or so I think, at least. You meet a whole slew of characters without knowing what sort of role they’re going to play in the series – but it looks promising. A lot happens in the first episode alone, but because it’s clouded in mystery and the significance of each coinciding event has yet to be established, it’s almost as if nothing happens. We’re left with many questions after the first episode – questions that aren’t answered by the second episode; in fact, the second episode only increases the number of questions raised. But our curiosity is certainly piqued, which is what should keep drawing us back.

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