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Chihayafuru: The Love Game Continues

blindability penginA year and a half ago, when Chihayafuru Season One had just rolled out, I wrote a post about the sort of Love Triangle playing out between Chihaya, Taichi, and Arata. Now, ten episodes into the second season, I’m taking another look to see how things have – or haven’t – developed.

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Chihayafuru Season Two

blindability penginI confused myself a little bit by both watching and reading Chihayafuru; as per the usual, the anime is no where near where the manga is, thus the confusion. But I suppose it says something good about Chihayafuru the anime if its story compels me to be so impatient that I seek its progress out in other forms. The only danger in this is that I lose interest in the anime and rely solely on the manga for entertainment.

But there is something about the magic of television and animation that’s enchanting. I mean, yes, sometimes a live action or animated adaptation can ruin the original, written work, but sometimes, it doesn’t. In the case of Chihayafuru, the animation of this series provides a clearer understanding of what Karuta is to those who aren’t familiar with the game, nor its traditions. Had I not watched the anime, I would never have been able to animate the images (or translate the sounds) of the manga in my head accurately; as a result, I’m sure a lot of the impact would be have been lost.

And I probably would’ve stopped reading. After all, no one reads – or even watches – something that’s boring. Unless you have to for some reason.

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a slow restart

blindability penginHmm. I’m not sure how to begin after such a long and unexplained break that left the site somewhere between nearly and completely inactive. But rather than wasting time and words on apologies, let’s just pretend it never happened.

The only two shows I’d watched from the Fall Season were Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and Initial D Fifth Stage. I was following Robotics;Notes but stopped somewhere around the 12th or 13th episode; I still haven’t taken the time to catch-up. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun was enjoyable for me; sometimes light-hearted, somewhat comedic (okay: I admit this show made me laugh) romances are enjoyable. Plus there was something about the simplicity (often overshadowed by the complexities) of Shizuku and Haru’s relationship that was very endearing to me. I suppose it was a success in my eyes, especially since I’m now completely caught up with the manga. Initial D Fifth Stage was a bit of a “must watch” because I had marathoned the first four stages (or acts) sometime within the last 12 months and this Fifth Stage caught me off guard; I didn’t know they were making anymore of these! I enjoy it purely because I enjoy driving, and watch with a former street racer who I constantly grill with questions about driving technique and car performance (“Can the 86 really beat a 4WD?” “Isn’t it cheating if the engine has swapped?” “What purpose does a tachometer serve?”).

Now, for this current season, I’m watching Tamako Market and the second season of Chihayafuru.

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A Week in Review: March 19th – 25th: Jormungand a potential hit?, Guilty Crown ending, Aquarion and more sexual innuendo?

Two weeks have passed since I wrote anything. The week of March 12th – 18th was pretty uninteresting for me to do A Week In Review. I was trying to join Blindability and Gooney in the bandwagon by answering Ace Railgun’s 50 questions, but I couldn’t build any motivation to finish it. I was a bit too lazy to edit pictures and to determine the exact motorcycle part that caused me my worse injury. Instead, I took the Hippie Student Strike in Montreal as an opportunity to laze around. I can always make a highlight of Marc 12th – 18th like I did with my last post, but I just can’t seem to remember anything from that week, except for one thing: Aquarion Evol got delayed in TV Tokyo’s time slot by a  30 minute long promo about DHA/EPA, which was very annoying. If I had any editing skills, I would have made a picture of Amata Sora holding a bottle of drugs.

Let’s start-up with this “lazy” week in review as I may be dry on referencial jokes.

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A Week In Review: March 5th – 11th

Last week’s “A Week In Review” couldn’t be done because of midterm exams and lab reports. I felt that it was probably too late to publish last week edition 3 days late. Then again who cares, considering there is nothing cutting edge on this column :lol:. Anyway, whether I did it or not, the week before was mainly highlighted by

a tsundere Haruto

a cameo from Elizabeth (Gintama) on Hunter X Hunter

and a pedo in Aquarion Evol

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It’s All About the Queen

The last time I wrote about Chihayafuru, it had a slight confrontation with some people who really, really didn’t like Chihayafuru. Well I’m just going to put it out there that those who do not enjoy Chihayafuru are probably better off not reading this post because after fourteen episodes, I still love it.

Besides, if you’re not a fan, have stuck it out for fourteen episodes, and read reviews and random posts about Chihayafuru… then I think you just need to admit that you really love it. It’s okay. You’re in good company.

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Chihayafuru: the Love Game

When it comes to anime romance, it either gives you the warm fuzzies or it makes you roll your eyes and want to hit something.

If you’ve been watching Chihayafuru (or even if you haven’t; with the character set up of two male protagonists and one female protagonists you pretty much expect some sort of love triangle), you know there’s love in the air – even if the people in love aren’t quite sure of it or know what to do about it.

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