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Predictions for the inevitable ‘best anime of the 00’s’

Toradora vs Minami-ke

Neither of these are going to win but it's the best header image I could find

Are you ready for the inevitable? The newest and largest pub argument amongst anime fans for the next year or so is on it’s way. While others can argue how anime has changed over the decade, most notably in the internet explosion, the average folk will slam their glass on the table and proclaim that ‘Code Geass will be forgotten in a few years’ or that ‘Monster is the most under-rated anime of them all’. So I’m going to try to shed some light upon this topic. Now I won’t be saying what my picks are, oh no. I’m going to be acting like a bookie, weighing up the odds for what will be voted top of the charts. For this I’m going to assume that the winners will be decided by a poll, much like the Animesource polls, where each voter gets 5 votes. Place your bets folks. What was the best anime of the 00’s?

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Watch my despicable enemy die in dishonour

Hi, my name is L. Unfortunately, I have been dead for some time and so was my sworn enemy, Kira aka Raito Yagami. Today, I bring to you his FORTUNATE demise showcasing his disgustingly awesome death. My many thanks to Matsuda for pumping his body full of lead. All those lead came together with him when we transcended heaven and hell into the 5th dimension. I tease him often as he can’t catch up to me with all that lead. Life is never so fun in the fifth dimension. Oh, and this funny guy agrees with me too!

With Love from the 5th Dimension,



Two Reasons to Celebrate 31 August 2007

Interesting insight by Kenny Sia. Read all about it. Hints? Patriotism and conspiracy. Hey! This can make up a good conspiracy story. Kenny Sia is a conspirator.The obvious speaks for itself. I list my reasons to celebrate 31 August. Not just any 31 August but this year’s 31 August. Now for starters, I had done my explaining on my post dated 31 August 2007 – the Merdeka celebration. In fact, it is no ordinary Merdeka day. It’s Malaysia’s 50th birthday bash. Again, happy Merdeka to Malaysians! I’m not the only one feeling the excitement, by the way. The whole nation is celebrating and the grand event is the most grandeur ever. I was not there, so it’s a shame that I didn’t get to witness such event with colossal proportion. Well I’m not the only unfortunate one.

MerdekaOne golden celebrationNow another cause of celebration is the premiere of the director’s cut of Death Note. Fans of Death Note are in for galore as special three-hours episode (or rather a movie) entitled Death Note: Rewrite (Death Note: R in short). I’m an avid fan myself, so this episode is not to be missed. However it is uncertain for me to review this, considering that it is just the same old story with minor additional scenes. But if you are a fan, you would be watching this.

Death Note specialDeath Note: Rewrite


Death Note Episode 36: New World (Finale)

Due to some matters in the household, I got myself occupied with it and this rendered me a late review for this final episode review of Death Note. I know that this is the most anticipated episode in this series since L’s death. My failure to review it as sooner possible was regretted. Not only this review was made late, even the review for Devil May Cry had to be delayed as well. So without further ado, I present you the review of the finale of Death Note.

Death Note
Surprise! They’re not dead yet.

Continuing from the previous episode, Light had declared his victory over Near. Much to his surprise, things did not turned out as what he had planned. One minute passed on and no one died. Mikami and Light were in disbelief – even Matsuda and Ide were surprised by it. Near quickly ordered Lester and Giovanni to apprehend Mikami. They arrested Mikami and took away the notebook held by Mikami. Near checked all the names written on the notebook. The only name that was not written was Yagami Light. This added with Mikami referring to Light as “God” and his obedience to his instructions. Near then confirmed it that Light is Kira. In a desperate attempt, Light claimed the whole plan as Near’s trap to frame him, considering that it is strange that no one died after all the names were written on the notebook. If you call this pathetic, then I don’t know how to refer to coming chain of events. Besides this is also the first time Light had totally lost his cool and showed a rare side of himself – insecurity. For the first time, Light felt defeated and was desperate to find a way out from this delicate matter. Near stressed on what he had said earlier that the notebook was modified. Again Light was being desperate and called out the plan as a trap for him and he even denied knowing Mikami. Of course Mikami felt rejected by this. However Aizawa went to Light and asked him to give up. It was very obvious that Near’s plan had worked out perfectly, leaving Light defeated. And also it was proven that Light is Kira. Light himself had said before the “40th second” that “he had won” as though that he had won the fight against Near as Kira. Matsuda was the one who was heavily affected as he was in disbelief that Light is Kira. Matsuda was always convinced that Light was innocent, not until now.
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Death Note Episode 36: 1.28

There will be a delay for the review of Romeo x Juliet for this week as I have not downloaded the episode yet. However I promise to play catch up with it by next week – hopefully. Also I will have to suspend the download page as most of the links are broken. I will attend to it as soon as possible. Correction. I haven’t start my summer anime viewing yet. I was mistaken Devil May Cry as a summer anime but it is actually a spring anime title. My mistake.

As we all know, next week will be the final review for Death Note (Duh! The final episode). And it also seems that next week is an important week. Let me explain myself. Next week, I will have to act as a cameraman for a certain event. Along with this is a birthday party for my cousin that I need to attend to. It is going to be a busy week next week, adding with the reviews of two episodes of Romeo x Juliet, reviews for Darker Than Black and Devil May Cry. And of course, the final episode of Death Note, which I promise to have more screenshots and overall reviews of the outgoing series. Come to think of it, it sucks to know how will the story ends because the ending is dramatic and shocking. It is wrong to say that it is shocking since the ending should be that way. By the way, I like the title of this episode.

Death Note
Light vs. Near

In the wake of Takada’s death, many of the television stations were competing to replace her position as Kira’s spokesperson. Light was confident that nobody has suspected him for Takada’s death. Then Near called in, confirming their meeting on the 28th at 1 p.m. Matsuda and Ide were rather excited but unnoticed by them, Aizawa knew the situation too well as it is possible that everyone will die. At SPK, Near bid his team members good luck. Finally the appointed time has come. It was soaking with rain as Near informed the Japanese police that Amane has been released. Light confirmed this by calling her. Amane informed of well being inside a suite of Teito Hotel. Thankfully this idiot is out from the showdown. Otherwise she would likely spoils the mood. Light asked for Mogi for his password for the safebox that contains the notebook. The systems works by entering all the passwords kept by each members of the investigation team. Finally the last person to open the safebox was Aizawa and he took it out. Aizawa was the one responsible to carry the notebook and Light considered it as the best decision for Near’s sake. Inside the car on the way to the Yellow Box at Daikoku wharf, Light was confident of his plan to work out perfectly and to rule the world as Kira. Once arrived, Aizawa confirmed Near’s arrival and they made their way into the warehouse. Opening the door, the Japanese police team revealed themselves to the SPK members and Mogi with Near wearing a mask that looked like L. During this moment, the soundtrack was pretty intense and this craved me more to have the second OST album for Death Note.
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Death Note Episode 35: Murder Intent

Death is the main highlight in the closing chapters of Death Note. Pun not intended though it seems that way. Throughout the story, a lot victims have been claimed including Light’s father, Souchirou and L. Speaking of L, his real name is still not revealed until and this remains a big mystery of the story. For this week’s episode, death is indeed the main event of the story. To be exact, three deaths. Matt who was short-lived, Mello who is Light’s nemesis and Takada who serves as a tool for Light to ensure him a definite conquer as Kira. The episode this time is thrilling as ever. Closest we can get to the episode 23 and 24 because Death Note is reliving its high speed drama and the final showdown with L. This time is yet another battle with L and L is defeated once again as Mello was brought down by Kira. However the fast pace of the episode rendered the viewers clueless of some details of the story. Questions were brought up but it remains unanswered.

Death Note
Light figured everything goes according to his plan.

I must say, I really like the opening of this episode of Death Note. It is rather dramatic in that sense and possibly feeling a little at peace as the opening shows the daily activities of all the characters spanning for several days. When I referred to Memento, it is called a montage. Then a montage it is. Among the focus was being watched (by Mello), Giovanni tailing Mikami who is about to carry out the next step of Near’s plan, Mello who refuses to eat chocolate at one point (possibly by the tremendous stress of his work). As this montage continued on without dialogs, the silence was broken by Giovanni who reported of his accomplished duty as told by Near. Later Mikami scrutinized the notebook under a microscope. Then after that, Takada (Kiyomi) contacted Mikami and passed on Light’s message to him. Mikami confirmed to have received it and also mentioned “I have confirmed it.” Takada who was a little surprised, understood that message. She straightly sent a text message to Light, saying “I want to meet you again.” Actually that was an implicit message (as mentioned from the previous episode) to confirm that Mikami was “confirmed it.” It was unknown but I speculate it as that Mikami was being followed. But it could be something else. All Light needs to wait for is a call from Near for a meeting. Light was very sure to have predicted how Near will act. Meanwhile Giovanni reported in to have checked the notebook and confirmed that Mikami has written one page a day for the past three days. Other than that, Mikami has not acting suspicious. Hearing this, Near decided to commence his plans.
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Death Note Episode 34: Vigilance

To my disappointment, the episode this time is a little boring – too dragging in that sense. It is possible that the animators try to delay the story further and give it all in the last episodes. Despite of the all-too-ordinary mood the episode, I am still excited whenever I am reminding myself that Death Note has only three more episodes to go. You would probably too bored or too accustomed of me for the countdown to the finale. What figures! It’s just facts anyway. There is nothing to be commenting about this episode either. The mood is on the downtrend.

Death Note

So we have a dead guy inside the train while Giovanni was still on trail of Mikami. Giovanni has confirmed that Mikami owns the Death Note. So Near decided to approach Mikami. However Near is worried of the shinigami, fearing that it will detect Giovanni who is trailing Mikami and warn him. Nevertheless Near still gave the order to follow Mikami. Meanwhile Light and Aizawa were checking on the hotel room that they will use to have a meeting with Takada. Aizawa doubted the move to remove the cameras in the room as it caused suspicion of the possibility that Light is communicating with Takada by writings. Sensing that things had gotten out of hand, Aizawa left a fingernail mark on one of the notepads in the room. Later Kiyomi and Light met up and she told him of her meeting with Misa last night. Matsuda who listens by gotten excited by this development. Kiyomi revealed of Misa’s plan to announce her engagement with Light during the upcoming New Year Music Festival. However Kiyomi took out a written note for Light to read, conveying another message. Matsuda kept on screaming “pinch” as though he is watching a soap drama. Aizawa lost his cool and ordered Aizawa to shut his mouth.
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