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This means WAR!!


Why Natsu vs. Gajeel will be the most epic anime fight

… or will it? That’s a good question to ask ourselves as Fairy Tail ends up in battle against Phantom Guild. Yes, it’s one of the most-anticipated battles between mages, but even more anticipated is Natsu going against his iron-counterpart, Gajeel. Personally, Gajeel is one of my favorite characters because of his carefree and take-no-shit attitude. People fear him, yet respect him.

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Fairy Tail episode 16

Now what makes me really sad is that every time I upload a review on any Fairy Tail episode, I either get one or no comments.  So that leaves me to ask – does nobody watch this?  Or is it simply because the anime covers enough to not have to say anything?  Or are you all just scrolling for Poro’s Durarara!! or Kaza’s So ra no Wo to?  Haha I’m just kiddin’, but the first thing I said remains to be true.  Fairy Tail reviews I’m going to be doing differently compared to my other reviews – since each episode has very little plot, I’m going to recap everything in a few short sentences, give a ton of pics, and my thoughts overall.   (And for today’s picture comments, I’ll be making references to Taylor Swift).

Natsu just heard that Taylor Swift won four Grammys.

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Fairy Tail episode 15

So I have to be super-quick this week (like I said before) so let’s start right away.  For those of you wondering why I have not done Seikon no Quaser episode 2 and 3 yet, I’m compiling the images into one shot because I don’t want to have a lot of breast-sucking pictures on my computer… so wait for it.

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Fairy Tail episode 14

And now, we begin again.  Man, my finals are almost over and I can get back to a non-hikkimori life again.  gahh… alright, so it’s back to Fairy Tail. The artwork and animation haven’t been that good for the show so far and I’m hoping these get better.  Somewhere in the world, they will actually have good battle scenes where you can tell Natsu will NOT win so easily.  Episode 14 – let’s begin.

Episode 14 – “Drunken Brawlers”

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Fairy Tail episode 13

As this show runs more and more with new episodes each week, I find myself enjoying it more and more, loving it ever so increasingly as each minute passes.  Yes, I like the show now.  It certainly has more spice than when it started several months ago, and it’s actually pretty fun to blog.  Yes, I’m a One Piece fan, but who says Fairy Tail can’t get some credit too?  (I apologize for the less creative picture captions this time but I have exams this and next so… yeah).

That’s our Natsu.

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Fairy Tail episode 12

Oooooooh yeah, I almost forgot about this series but one of my friends brought it up that Fairy Tail got a new opening, to which I then promptly replied, “Oh shit, I’m supposed to be blogging that.”  Thankfully, I haven’t missed much and the show runs pretty slowly compared to the short season anime so here we go.

By the way, they already made another OP after only 12 episodes.

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