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First impression: Gundam Age

Oh, Gundam Age, this is the show that Sunrise promised us to be different from ANY other Gundam shows. If I remember correctly, the scriptwriter (Akihiro Hino) of Gundam Age was shocked on Twitter of the raging and negative responses towards the new concept. Well, I wouldn’t COMPLETELY blame that portion of the fans. The show does look CHILDISH in the trailer, but, after the first episode aired, is it? *Plays DUN DUN DUN youtube video*

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Thoughts on Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: Awakening of the Trailblazer screening in Singapore

If you are singaporean, for pete’s sake, DON’T WATCH IT unless you can be like my friend and I where we just freaking lol-ed at most scenes and well, face-palmed. This will be a brief, disoriented, midnight mishmash cooked spoiler free thoughts of the movie.

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reminiscing over gundam 00

After finishing Gundam 00 a month ago, the above comic sums up about what I think of the writers for Gundam 00. Onto the muses of a gundam fan.

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Gundam 00 ends with a whimper

Baddies get defeated in space, not many civilians know. Good guys win. Police force of the world continues to monitor the  world. Life goes on. Full review after the break. My break.


New NASA Carbon Material Could Make Space Elevators Possible

“Houston, I think we reached the moon.”

“The idea of an elevator that could transport humans into space with ease has long been a fantasy of science fiction writers. However, a new form of carbon ribbon could actually make it possible.

Motivated by a $4 million funding prize from NASA, the team at Cambridge University developed a light, flexible ribbon that is believed to be the world’s strongest. Currently, the team is producing 1 gram of the material per day, enough to stretch to 18 miles in length. According to Alan Windle, professor of materials science at Cambridge, NASA wants 144,000 miles of the stuff—but he notes that it would take an industrial level of production to make that happen.

Still, this once preposterous idea is actually gaining some traction. The Japanese have already seriously considered making one out of carbon nanotubes and some believe that this new project could get the job done in as little as a decade. I’m not buying that—but I’m still keeping an open mind. [Times Online via io9]”

Source :


1g per day? Hmm…I am taking Materials science and engineering how tough it would be to iron out the imperfections at the atomic level but…I guess it’s still pretty far away from completion. Now where’ my gundam?

Btw, anyone still wants PSP Gundam 00?


Anime 2008: A year in review

How the hell am I supposed to open this post? I’m talking about every single anime in 2008, the best and the worst in every category. I haven’t seen everything this year obviously, such as Aria, ef, Shigofumi and DMC, but I’ve had a chance to check out pretty much everything else. Anyway, here we go 😀

Since I'm limiting this to only anime which began airing in 2008, there will be no Gintama. But it deserves a mention anyway for being so consistently funny

Since I'm limiting this to only anime which began airing in 2008, there will be no Gintama. But it deserves a mention anyway for being so consistently funny

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Anime Festival Asia 2008 coverage [To be updated]

Any otaku worth his salt in Singapore would be heading down to AFA 08 at Suntec either today or tomorrow or both. Unfortunately, all university students in Singapore are currently having their freaking final term examinations but who the hell cares! May’N IS HERE!!! The creator of gundam is also here to give out his autograph only to the first 20 who purchase the MG Gundam RX78-2 ver 2.0(I’m guessing the MAN himself insisted on only 20 because he’s probably sick of signing every tom dick and harry’s gundam…or worse).

Doors open right about now, 1000hrs in Singapore. So why am I not there? Because I have a freaking paper today from 1300 to 1500hrs but I digress. There’s going to be lots going on during the event and I would be heading down after the paper to take pictures on behalf of my club as well as to oggle at the collectibles brought down by Bandai and others. Certain bloggers have signed up previously for their Blogger media pass at the AFA 08 website such as 0ne, LianYL(someone did it for him) and Soshi, thus their ability to conjure up a preview of AFA 08. Do head over and check out what’s going to be present at AFA 08. A rough timetable grabbed from Soshi as below:

Overview of AFA 2008

May’N Live Concert at AFA 2008


Toyworks Claymore No.47 Clare Figure Gallery + Bonus

Well so, I should be studying for my EG1108 module right now but my newly acquired figures await my lousy photographing skills. This post is to showcase the new figure as well as announce that I will be temporarily halting the review of gundam 00 till 3rd November. The finals are coming and I am totally pressed for time for revision.

So previously, I had acquired a figure of Clare from Claymore (made by Megahouse) and posted a picture here. Today, november, I collected the figure I ordered in June, arrived in September. Yeap. Just couldn’t get off my anime fix to go down east to collect it.

The overall pose of the new claymore figure is much more aggressive and dynamic compared to the first claymore figure that kinda gave off the ‘crouching tiger, hidden dragon’ vibe. It’s as if the first figure is saying ‘I will p@wn all of you, bring it on’ while the second figure gave off the vibe of ‘No time to waste, gotta kill them all.’ Thus, if you link it back to the anime, the clothes on 1st would match the beginning of the show where she was just going from missions to missions with a robotic feel to it while at the later part of the show, she becomes more ‘human’ and thus the human portrayal of her feelings on the 2nd  figure. In typing the above paragraph, the 25 photos finally finished uploading. Stinktel limits our upload speed a lot. I hate them. Full gallery here

When future meets the past.

When future meets the past.

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