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A brief update, and what to expect from the future

Hey my fellow readers, it’s me again bringing you latest updates on series our team is currently blogging and a brief update of what to expect.  If you haven’t noticed, several of my latest posts have been updated later and later until they have been non-existent… somewhat.  I started the spring season blogging up to ten different anime series and in the summer picked up even more series.  In the beginning I was covering everything but as we got to the final few episodes in every series, school started for me and I found myself under more and more strain to finish the series.  But now that I have a little time again, I’ll try to finish up final impressions and bring updates on the series that I have finished, or have still to do.

I’m still taking a break, but I will come back to blogging in November starting with the series I have to finish.  I have no interesting in picking up any of the series in the summer so I’ll do movie reviews and some game reviews all relating to anime of course.  That obviously puts Amagami SS as my only series as well as my updates, but you shall expect a Fate/unlimited blade works update as well.  More to come, all in the new month!  (You can expect an epic return post as well).

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama episode twenty-two

I’m expecting the rest of this show to be good, since we have the introduction of a rival character and come on, it’s the last three episodes – if a show isn’t going to get good in the final few episodes, then it’ll never become good.  I won’t give my final impressions now, but it’s not going to be very great towards this series.  Good idea, but we’ll hear how the whole show played out as a collective group of episodes.

That being said, we had a very entertaining last episode with Hinata coming into the play between Usui and Misaki (it’s about time) and it looks like we’re headed to the mountains for a very exciting outdoor school trip.  Of course, the rumor was that it would be a very free and relaxing trip for everyone to bound, but it looks like the seniors really did the next class in as the camp turned out to be what looked like hell.  Even I wanted a fun outdoor episode, because then at least more things were bound to happen between guys and girls alike.

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama episode twenty-one

After last week’s disappointing episode, I was wondering what I could expect from this episode.  We are slowing approaching the last few episodes of this somewhat mixed series, and I’ haven’t been doing very well keeping up with it.  That’s why tonight will be a mass-posting of every show I missed for a while.  Let’s begin.

Last episode, I couldn’t think which episode was worse – that or the one about Momoko’s tale about the whole peach thing and coming to defeat all the demons.  Seeing the preview from last time though, remind me to give a run that Usui’s rival will come on up.

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SPIRAL [update]

For the last three days, I have been moving things in and out of my house since all the stuff came in from Korea.  Needless to say, I will be moving into college starting from the day after tomorrow and I am loaded with crap to do.  That being said, it hurts my heart to not review the series I am doing up-to-date so I will draw your attention to other blog sites that have written great responses to it, but I will be starting again next week.   Danke.

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama!: Footmen Olympics!!

I normally don’t give my episodic reviews a title but this occasion calls for it – Kaichou wa Maid-sama finally has a direction! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – “you have to be kidding me! They finally had an episode pertaining to the main plot, and it’s a double header as well! And this time, it’s not just Misaki having a problem and Usui randomly fixing it in the end (well, sort of)! There’s actually more fun, more humor, and more tension as Usui shows sign of his human nature with pain in the middle of episode nineteen! (By the way, this covers both episodes eighteen and nineteen).

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama! episode seventeen

I really don’t know what to expect from this anime anymore.  When will we finally get some plot?  Or is it always going to be a Misaki has a problem and Usui fixes it format?  Obviously the last several episodes are going to have this whole big issue and in the end, Misaki is going to finally confess that she loves Usui but I really don’t feel like waiting that long for a good episode.  If they are going to be good, that is.

I actually got pretty excited from the title “Usui is My Enemy Now!?” because I actually thought that it was starting from this episode that Usui would show some hostility towards Misaki and their whole relationship would start to fall apart.  Then I actually watched the whole thing and wasn’t surprised – everything was the same except for the intimate moment towards the end.

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama! episode sixteen

After maybe having somewhat of a plot the last few episodes, I have decided to decide that maybe deciding that this anime was worth it is… was… an odd choice.  Hopefully, since this episode was a beach special we might be seeing some things that we normally didn’t expect to see.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Perhaps you can say that this has been the most disappointing beach episode I’ve seen in a while?

Regardless, the episode was horrible – it could’ve well have been set back in the city with Maid Latte just having a swim-suit day.  I wasn’t disappointed that Misaki wore her school swimsuit, because believe me, I had expected a twist like that but I can’t say for the other men who have had their hearts crushed when they saw that scene.  The episode followed the typical Kaichou wa crap-sama plot – problem that Misaki has is eventually coveted by Usui.  Nothing else changed – no fanservice, even though it was on the beach!  What kind of beach special would do that?

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