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writer update: blindability

Hello Everyone: I’m not too sure how many people have been following Katanagatari and reading my reviews, but if you’re one of the few, than you might have noticed that Episodes Six and Seven have NOT been posted. Unfortunately, due to a really hectic summer schedule, I’m not able to watch or review this series (I seriously have not found the time to sit down and watch Katanagatari 07 yet; sad, I know). I haven’t decided whether or not to play catch up when my schedule frees up a little, or if I should just pick up from what’s “current”. I’ll leave that up to popular demand, if there’s a demand for it at all, haha.

For now, if a review you must read, then I direct you to Star Crossed Anime Blog where psgels does wonderful, timely reviews for the show.

I thank you for your continued readership of Bokutachi no BLOG.

P.S. I will be keeping up with K-On!! (though Episode Seventeen will be reviewed by Spiral) as it is the only series that I am currently reviewing.


katanagatari episode five

This month we track Togame and Shichika to Satsuma where they look to add Zokutou Yoroi to their collection of Shikizaki’s Deviant swords. Interestingly enough, Zokutou Yoroi is not held and wielded like a regular sword, but worn as a full suit of armour (styled after Western armor). Though this isn’t so unusual considering our main male character is considered a sword in and of himself.


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Vote for us!… or not.

While you’re on this front page, it would be nice of you whether or not you are a frequent visitor or an occasional accidental wanderer to vote for our blog in this tournament.   We’re at the top of the page so it would be nice to have more votes from our viewers!  XD Thanks.  That being said, we will use this post for constructive comments that might help us make our blog look better.

– from the writing staff of Bokutachi no Blog

This means WAR!!


katanagatari episode four

The only thing more consistent in Katanagatari Episodes 1 to 3 other than Togame, Shichika, and the Shiki swords is the mention of Sabi Hakuhei and his prowess. And so quite naturally, I was really looking forward to Shichika facing off with Japan’s greatest swordsman.

…Well now I know what it feels like to be Bamboozled.

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katanagatari episode three

Last month Togame and Shichika faced Uneri Ginkaku who had inherited Zantou Namakura along with land which had long lost its beauty and lushness. He wasn’t a bad guy, but he was defeated nonetheless – because that is the only option concerning the Deviant Blades of Shikizaki. This month, Togame and Shichika travel to the autonomous region of Izumo and meet Tsuruga Meisai, head of the Sanzu Shrine and the holder of Sentou Tsurugi.

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katanagatari episode two

So there was a lot of talking and not much more action than the previous episode. Actually, because of Uneri Ginkaku’s Zerosen technique (a method of fighting that is faster than the speed of light, and therefore, unseen to the naked eye), I think we see even less action. Sorry Friends. But despite the lack of fighting that could be seen, I still liked this episode, and I still really like this series.

(Oh wait: There’s that guy who gets his arm snapped in two like a twig after trying to hijack Togame’s wardrobe. But I wouldn’t call that a proper fight.)

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katanagatari episode one

It’s official: I’m in it for the long run.

With twelve fifty-minute episodes in its run, and each episode airing monthly, Katanagatari is asking for long term commitment. And baby, I’m ready. Okay: maybe I’m a little over-excited because I’ve really been anticipating this series – and it doesn’t help that Ookami Kakushi isn’t going quite as well as I’d first hoped – but I don’t think it’s unwarranted. And I’ll tell you why.

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