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Kobato episode 9 and 10

I sense that the story is running back to its track, now with a little history on Fujimoto. Indeed, my early suspicion was true. Fujimoto is an orphan. Otherwise, he won’t be feeling so worked up on the abandoned kitten in the previous episode. But of course, lets not forget episode 9 where Kobato pulled off “a stunt” (in a way) to have managed to mend two broken hearts and earned herself two konpeito. Now, this should be a prelude for us that somehow Kobato might be able to fill her flask in an instant by attempting a mass healing, quite literally. I have my suspicion on Yomogi Nursery, knowing the imminent threat to the nursery by a certain loan lender. But hey, don’t take my word for it. I never read the manga.

Once in awhile, Ioryogi should try to learn how to cool down.

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Kobato episode 7 and 8

I’m not quite sure what I’m getting myself into but I do know it involves a brainless klutz and a talking toy. Kobato became interesting around episode 6 with the appearance of several characters from Ioryogi’s past. In fact, Kohaku who is a being similar to Kobato should be playing a bigger role in the story, or at least, as Kobato’s mentor. Yet, the writers dragged the story further to some mindless shit of these two episodes. What you should know is that these two are my least favourite, which is too bad considering when the anime actually pacing up well previously. More of my relentless rant after the jump but not before the synopses, of course.

“Please continue to watch my show. I’ll do a makeover on the nursery if I have to.”

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Kobato episode 5 and 6

Double review this week. First on Kobato and next, DTB. I have yet to watch DTB though I have the episode already. So, no spoilers please. On Kobato this time, the major plot begins to surface and it going to be about Sayaka-sensei. Knowing Kobato well, we are expected to see her intervene. On an unrelated note, Bokutachi no BLOG is the featured WordPress blog for “Darker than BLACK”, “Hetalia”, “Nyan Koi”, and “Letter Bee” tags. DTB is always a strong point for this blog and now, Hetalia adds up to it. More after the jump.

Can’t read a book? FAIL! Can’t read a picture book for kids? EPIC FAIL!

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Kobato episode 3 and 4

The closest CLAMP series to have this much crossover on Kobato is CLAMP in Wonderland. The only reason why Kobato fails to even the odds with CLAMP in Wonderland is that the crossover I’ve noticed in these two episodes are those from Chobits only. No Cardcaptor Sakura (though Kohaku’s summon had a similar effect to Sakura’s transformation). Adding to this pleasantry is the fact that several scenes from these episodes are familiar to me as I’ve read them from its monthly publication in NewType. Yeah, I had a few “I’ve seen this before” moments. Now with Kohaku into the picture, Kobato is getting a bit more interesting. More after the jump.

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Kobato episode 1 and 2

I’ll be frank: Kobato is another anime that I’ve been anticipating this year, along with DTB2 and FMA2. Who doesn’t? Hanata Kobato is everyone’s favourite flat-chested girl ever. Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound right after all. But the fact remains Kobato is my favourite CLAMP work piece after Chobits. Now, just knowing that CLAMP is the one behind this assures you these: first, it’s definitely shoujo; second, it’s definitely funny; and lastly, it will feel pretty much similar to CLAMP’s previous works. I’m sure most of you have read Scamp’s first impression on Kobato and given his B rating for the anime, you know he won’t be blogging about it. So, this is where I’ll be filling in. But unlike my usual episodic reviews, I’ll do Kobato a bi-episodic review, which would easily fits into my hectic schedule as of late. So this review is kind of late but better than never. Now, enough ranting and to the review.

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