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Meowy Christmas!

(“Meowy Christmas“: It’s cheesy – painfully cheesy – I know. I stole it off a childrens Christmas card and it seemed fitting enough to use so…)

From your two Nyan Koi! Reviewers here at Bokutachi no BLOG, we wish you a most Merry and fun filled Christmas and Holiday Season. As your gift from us, a little festive eye candy:

Oh: And Happy New Year too!


Top Ten OP Sequences

How I judged this category was by the following criteria:

1) Good song

2) Good lyrics

3) Good singer

4) Relates to the anime itself

5) Is it worth the 1:30 minutes to watch over and over for each episode?

Coming in tenth place, it’s [Spiral] by angela in Asura Cryin’

It’s not the best openings, but it gives a good idea of what the anime is about.  For those of you wondering, I did NOT get my SPIRAL from this SPIRAL.  ;D

9th – K-ON!

Good anime, but the OP sequence doesn’t really keep up to it.  It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s repetitive.  However, if I didn’t put this up I think that I would face a lynch mob.

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Nyan Koi! episode 12 (Final)

There are quite a few characters in Nyan Koi!, but now that the anime is over, I realized that there are a lot more cats in the series than people. I never took particular notice before this final episode, but right at the beginning of MewView at the end, they always show a map similar to the one below depicting which cats Junpei had helped. (There were, of course, other cats that didn’t make it to the map like the really cute gray one that was stuck in a tree in Episode 11.)

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Nyan Koi! episode 11

I’m late, I know; I’m sorry. I’ve had a busy week thus far which included spending over an hour in the cold shoveling snow and chipping inch-thick-ice off the driveway. But enough of my misery and on with the review. Besides, Junpei’s misery is much more entertaining.

So it wasn’t that someone else had knocked over Jizou-sama’s statue, but that Kirishima Keizou, the priest, had accidentally caused it to fall over again, revealing to the public (specifically his *ahem* pay-as-you-go-lady-friend) that the statue was in fact broken. Keizou then approaches the faithful patrons to help fund the costs of repairing the statue but it’s apparently very expensive. Junpei then decides to be a man and gets a part-time job to help pay for the repairs. Unfortunately, he works with this one:

Surely this is sexual harassment.

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Nyan Koi! episode 10

Quick note: There was a slight mix-up with Episode 10 (sorry everyone) but here’s my review – which also brings us all up to date in the series. I hope everyone is enjoying this anime as much as I am!

Despite all his cat-hating-grumpiness, I have to admit, Junpei is a really good guy. It’s no wonder so many girls like Kanako and Kaede are attracted to him. Oh yeah… and these two:

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Nyan Koi! episode 9

I know Kaza’s been reviewing Nyan Koi but he’s going on a bit of a hiatus so I’ll be finishing up the season for him. Forgive me in advance for the lack of his humor and observation of Junpei’s finer “male” mannerisms. (Did I hear boobies going “booing” somewhere in the distance?)

In Episode Nine, we explore Sumiyoshi’s feelings for Junpei a little more. …In a swimming pool setting. Who doesn’t like to study for finals at an indoor pool?

(I use this picture because it’s too cute to ignore. I do that to my cat sometimes; it’s probably why he bites me.)

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Nyan Koi episode 8

Yes indeed, you herd, they herd it, all of AIC herd it, and By-golly all of Japan herd it. What no one wanted to admit, yet knew in their heart that it was true, has now been proven guilty by our very own Comservice leader, Chizuru. Which by the way, I now have a very profound respect for her now. 🙂

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Nyan Koi episode 7

In the last episode we noticed that the danger of Junpei really turning into a cat was much larger then he expected. I’m actually wondering if they’re really going to turn him into a cat or not. Yet, this time I think Junpei has finally got a fast pace going after a little help from a cat he brought with him to his class trip in Kyoto. Yay, they made an episode on my favorite Japanese place. Oh, and we can’t forget the special appearance of a look-a-like Naruto dude. As Brian would say, “more after the jump.”














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