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A brief update, and what to expect from the future

Hey my fellow readers, it’s me again bringing you latest updates on series our team is currently blogging and a brief update of what to expect.  If you haven’t noticed, several of my latest posts have been updated later and later until they have been non-existent… somewhat.  I started the spring season blogging up to ten different anime series and in the summer picked up even more series.  In the beginning I was covering everything but as we got to the final few episodes in every series, school started for me and I found myself under more and more strain to finish the series.  But now that I have a little time again, I’ll try to finish up final impressions and bring updates on the series that I have finished, or have still to do.

I’m still taking a break, but I will come back to blogging in November starting with the series I have to finish.  I have no interesting in picking up any of the series in the summer so I’ll do movie reviews and some game reviews all relating to anime of course.  That obviously puts Amagami SS as my only series as well as my updates, but you shall expect a Fate/unlimited blade works update as well.  More to come, all in the new month!  (You can expect an epic return post as well).

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Seitokai Yakuindomo episode nine

So I was reading Divine’s latest post on the setting for this episode and found myself disagreeing with what he was saying:

“More so than swimsuit and beach episodes, I always enjoy watching sports festival ones. They’ll never measure up in terms of fan-service, but do provide a complete change of scenery with the same characters. In the case of a series involving a perverted student council, it’s even better because it provides them with a new avenue to approach their jokes. A lot of them were the usual witty wordplay ones, such as Shino’s rehearsal of the proclamation of upholding sportsmanship that was twisted into a skinship and sexual intercourse one, while others were of the slapstick variety that always works wonders on me.”

Of course, this is a legitimate claim but I find myself enjoying these episodes less than perhaps the beach and swimsuit episodes.  Not only because there’s less skin but there’s a more focus on the physical activity more than perhaps the relationship between the characters.  I’m not saying there wasn’t any more bonding – Shino seems to have something for Tsuda and that judo girl seems to have that intimate moment with him.  Nice.

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Seitokai Yakuindomo episode eight

It gets harder and harder to write simple introductions to this show.

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SPIRAL [update]

For the last three days, I have been moving things in and out of my house since all the stuff came in from Korea.  Needless to say, I will be moving into college starting from the day after tomorrow and I am loaded with crap to do.  That being said, it hurts my heart to not review the series I am doing up-to-date so I will draw your attention to other blog sites that have written great responses to it, but I will be starting again next week.   Danke.

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Seitokai Yakuinodomo episode six

The thing that’s surprising about this anime is that despite having barely any plot and just filled with sex jokes, it’s still very amusing to watch.  I mean, you’d expect all the sex jokes to be recycled somehow but that’s not the case with this show.  Shino and Aria have their own fantasies while at the same time, it’s still funny.  Even Hata who comes in randomly (she is my favorite character with her voice and her bluntness) says incredibly funny things, and every girl in this show has sexual desires and thoughts.  What’s not to like.

I found the beginning portion really weird and found myself wondering whether or not I tuned into the right time to watch Setokai Yakuindomo but it turns out that I was right, and it seems that school haunting are the real blazen thing in the summer to talk about at school.  Needless to say, the bathroom thing was scary enough to make me yelp “WTF” when they replayed the night-vision thing in the school in the beginning.  Did I mention I also watched Paranormal for the first time today in my basement with the lights off to simulate it?  Maybe that’s why I was nervous about the start of the episode.

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Seitokai Yakuinodomo episode five

Ahhh the anime that never ceases with it’s pretty punny sex jokes that are aroused by the many a female characters within the anime series itself (come to think of it, it’s only Shino and Aria).  I thought that the sex jokes within here would be recycled eventually but as the episode went on and on, I realized that there could be no end to the awesome-ness to the puns that these ladies commit themselves to.
Before I being, I would like to apologize the delay of some of my other reviews particularly Kaichou wa Maid-sama episode eighteen (well, that was supposed to be up yesterday but I had to upgrade my computer to Windows 7 and I didn’t save any of it) so I decided to get that series into a double-post (since it’s a TBC two-parter anyways) but the other series should be shortly up after this review.  Anyways, back to women making sex jokes…

Seitokai Yakuinodomo episode four

The good thing about this series is that you don’t really expect much from it except for the sex jokes and the… well, serious sexual matters.  As aptly demonstrated by stalker-camera-chan in the previous episode, the sex jokes are really nothing when Takatoshi are not around.  Mmhmm well, I better get this review done quickly since I know you guys basically just want Hatsune Miku and Black Rock Shooter (which I will do as soon as I finish this post).

The sex jokes in this episode particularly were very funny as the episode spanned from returning to Kyoto all the way through the summer with Shino’s birthday, and I guess that makes her one year closer to becoming legal and doing all the crazy things she want to do.  I admit that this series is hard to write a lot about.

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