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A brief update, and what to expect from the future

Hey my fellow readers, it’s me again bringing you latest updates on series our team is currently blogging and a brief update of what to expect.  If you haven’t noticed, several of my latest posts have been updated later and later until they have been non-existent… somewhat.  I started the spring season blogging up to ten different anime series and in the summer picked up even more series.  In the beginning I was covering everything but as we got to the final few episodes in every series, school started for me and I found myself under more and more strain to finish the series.  But now that I have a little time again, I’ll try to finish up final impressions and bring updates on the series that I have finished, or have still to do.

I’m still taking a break, but I will come back to blogging in November starting with the series I have to finish.  I have no interesting in picking up any of the series in the summer so I’ll do movie reviews and some game reviews all relating to anime of course.  That obviously puts Amagami SS as my only series as well as my updates, but you shall expect a Fate/unlimited blade works update as well.  More to come, all in the new month!  (You can expect an epic return post as well).

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Sekirei ~pure engagement~ episode ten

After last episode’s cliffhanger, I couldn’t help but realize that this episode would have an epic battle, an epic dialogue, or at the very least, an epic death.  Of course, we wouldn’t be disappointed at the surprising direction that this show’s taken from its prequel (the first season) and it’s actually impressive how they managed to make such a sporadically updated manga into a flowing TV series.  We still have a good number of episodes left so it’s still up-for-grabs how the series will end, since there probably will not be a third season.

Additionally, they came out with that episode 00 with the whole routine check-up between the Sekirei but since it actually has no relation to the plot and displays only fanservice to please the many viewers watching the show, I have chosen not to blog that episode since I would be forced to censor 99% of all the screen captures that I would have to take to make this site audience-friendly.  Another thing is that I would like to apologize for the late update time this week which has been due to many reasons.  School among many things, but it was mostly due to my computer being retarded and my screen-capturing tool malfunctioning.

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Sekirei ~pure engagement~ episode nine

After the interesting turn of events and the modified rules of the Sekirei Keikaku, it looks like we’re heading for a very different and perhaps amusing ending to the anime series.  The biggest difference has to be the rush of every Sekirei fighting – characters are being eliminated as soon as they are introduced, and sadness begins to fill the hearts of more and more Ashikabi in the capital.

The two-week rule really helps the plot to move along really quickly since Sekirei are given less and less to pick off the weaker ones since they are getting eliminated in a nightly fashion.  I guess in that sense the Disciplinary Squad doesn’t have much to do these days since their jobs are basically being accomplished by other Sekirei.  It’ll be interesting to see how this plan affects Minato and his Sekirei in the near future.

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SPIRAL [update]

For the last three days, I have been moving things in and out of my house since all the stuff came in from Korea.  Needless to say, I will be moving into college starting from the day after tomorrow and I am loaded with crap to do.  That being said, it hurts my heart to not review the series I am doing up-to-date so I will draw your attention to other blog sites that have written great responses to it, but I will be starting again next week.   Danke.

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Sekirei ~pure engagement~ episode six

Madhouse’ latest bouncing boobs made Sekirei look like a child’s TV show – that being said, the first season of Sekirei mostly consisted of unnecessary fanservice, necessary fanservice, and… well, too much fanservice with little direction and barely any action for a “battle royale” show.  The second season, however, has impressed me so far with the depth it gives on the characters, events, and everything all around: humor, moments, fanservice, and whatnot.  This makes for a better show and a better sequel season.  Should we expect a third season?  The manga’s direction will tell us yes, while a possible anime redaptation will tell us otherwise.

The bad thing about this episode was that you knew that Minato would be winging Homura.  The good thing is that you didn’t know how he would, or what other Sekirei would venture onto the roof.  Last episode ended with a cameo of a bunch of random Sekirei coming and closing in on Homura’s location, so it was curious what to expect from this episode.  Who would be fighting who?  Would Shiina meet up with Kuu again?  Will Minato meet up with his sister?  Will the big four finally come together?

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Sekirei ~pure engagement~ episode five

What I actually am enjoying about this series is that it differs so much from the manga yet tries to follow the same point of it – Minato using love to defy fate.  Of course, we might view as differently as we might be able to with the bouncing boobs and the other fanservice (no pantsu included, Akitsu-san) but in  the end, we have to recognize that Sekirei is trying to teach love, friendship, and…

… and I’m just kidding – you’re not watching it for the messages, you’re watching it for the sexy half-naked girls fighting each other with different super powers.  Yes, I would do that too but now I’m really curious how this series is going to end (most likely with another different manga to anime alteration but let’s see whether or not this is going to get good).  Will Musubi die again?  That would totally suck balls.

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Sekirei ~pure engagement~ episode four

One thing I happen to really hate about anime and manga series is fillers.  For those of you who don’t know what a filler is, it’s an episode or chapter that completely detracts from the plot and does something completely random that has no correlation to the story.  Naruto has been known for its fillers between arcs and so has One Piece, but those are big series so it’s okay.  However, when a thirteen-episode show has a filler between arcs, it starts to get pretty annoying.

I have to admit I thought we were heading towards a filler episode – I mean, we just winged Kazehana, everyone is partying, Musubi is giving words of wisdom, and Uzume is prancing off to be a slave again.  In short, nothing out of the norm.  Even Homura had a bit of a scene but I thought nothing of it until the bath and the text that changed it all.  Thank you Gamemaster for making this episode a bit more interesting that it began with.

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