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SKET dance episode 9+10

To start it off: I don’t like SKET dance.

Perhaps you can see this from my reluctance to post about it. Either way, I’m just throwing out my opinion.

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SKET dance episode 7

 SKET dance gives a separated couple a love-story ending. Also, an exciting cameo by Bossun’s sister and mother.

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SKET Dance episode 5

Tragically, my computer failed a while ago, leaving me alone, disempowered, and unable to post. Even a format c was unable to bring my computer back 😥 … RIP Sony Vaio.

On a much happier note, I have gotten a replacement.

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SKET Dance episode 1

Synopsis: The manga is about three highschoolers who start a club called “Sket-Dan” made for the purpose of helping people. The club consists of three members. Himeko Onizuka “yankee”-girl who has a weakness for cute things; Switch a smart, otaku who talks through a computer. And the leader Yuusuke Fujisaki aka Bossun who the creater of the club.

After Poro robbed stole jacked leeched ate claimed Steins;Gate, I had to find a new anime to blog. I settled on SKET Dance, and I feel that I made a good choice.

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