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Slaves to Society We Are

Poro, Junior Editor

Slaves to Society

We are slaves to society.  We know our rights and wrongs from society.  We wear what society tells us to wear.  We eat what society cooks.  We watch what society thinks is appropriate and allowable.  We read what society writes.  Because society basically intervenes in almost all sectors of our lives,  how we perceive and judge things as society tells us.  Including anime.  Sometimes anime blogs are eye-opening, amazing, and filarious (fucking + hilarious = filarious) like this blog ;).   It could be what our parents define as “peer pressure.”

In Engrish?

Society and Sunrise make and select what anime you watch and the aniblogsphere affects how you view it.

When I was an Anime-Fanling…

This has nothing to do with the post

The first blog I ever ventured to with my old Dell computer ( I was a noob then)  was  I stumbled upon this by accident when I was looking for info on anime.  This guy was funny, awe-inspiring, and very, very critical.  He made taught me to view anime quite a bit more criticizingly and how to filter what sunrise fed me.   Instead of thinking “oooooo… pretty colors,” I thought “WTF this has way too much action and no substance!”  I realized that just because everyone watches Naruto doesn’t devoid the possibility of it being overrated, slightly shallow, and fanservice -saturated.  I was embittered and fascinated at the same time.   But from that point on, I didn’t enjoy anime as much as I did before unless it was REALLY good.  I didn’t enjoy Gundam OO, Code Geass, Nyan Koi, and other superficial, stereotypical anime.  I digress.

This is actually relevent

Sora no Manimani

Let me tell you another story.  This time  Sora no Manimani.  Interesting enough “mani” in Korean means many!  Because of this simple coincidence I decided to watch it. I watched the first 3 episodes without glancing at a blog I fell in love.  It was realistic, funny, and well astronomirific.  I am a nature-hippie who just is at awe  by non-light polluted night skies.   When I clicked to my usual blogs, including Bokutachi, I frowned :(.  They all said it was bad or lacking something.  Usually if a blog said that it was bad, I wouldn’t rock the boat and just reluctantly go with the flow.  But this time I ranted something like this: Fuck the aniblogsphere and screw the hell with everyone else!  No one is going to fucking stop me from liking this damn anime.  You got a problem?  I DO NOT care.  So there!  It isn’t corny, had no fanservice which shouldn’t exist in anime at all (I’m beserk ranting in wasp wrath), and superficial.  I liked watching Sora no Manimani every week and no blog (even this one) stopped me.


This has absolutely nothing to do with the post

I spent 10 minutes on something that needed only a minute.  But WTF.  It’s winter break and just because your favorite anime blog says that X anime  sux dix and should be nuked doesn’t mean you have to follow suit.  Don’t jump on the bandwagon.  Remember, when you watch an anime for the first time, just clear your head of all that pent-up excitement, anime hype building, or whatever that could influence how you look at an anime and enjoy.

As told by just another hypocritical aniblogger with schizophrenia


Sora no Manimani episode 12 (finale)

You know, despite the fact I’ve been writing here for over a year, Sora no Manimani is only the second series I’ve finished blogging from start to finish, the other being Natsume Yuujinchou from last summer. I dropped Michiko to Hatchin from last Autumn. From this winter, Hetalia is still ongoing and I didn’t pick up anything from the spring season. So I’m not yet used to finishing blogging series. It’s an odd and slightly lonely feeling when you realise you won’t be writing about this group of nutters ever again.

Sora no Manimani beach shot

Then again, there could still be a season 2 so maybe I’m not done writing about this lot yet.

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Sora no Manimani episode 11

I suck at speed blogging Sora no Manimani. Every single episode, without fail, is blogged quicker by THAT and Rabbitpoets before I can even open my laptop. The annoying this is that I like reading both their blogs and they are both regular commenters on here so I can’t get angry at them. They’ll probably beat me to episode 12 as well.


Oh well, might as well return to what I’m good at. That being Hime fascination (obviously).

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Sora no Manimani episode 10

It feels like ages since the last episode. That’s due to a combination of slow subs and the fact that my BitTorrent won’t work since I moved to college. For a while I thought I would have to watch stuff streamed but thankfully I discovered DDL and all is right with my anime world again. Mind you, I’ve never taken screenshots with a DDL video before so if your monitor explodes while reading this post, that’s the reason why.


Thankfully it means I can still choose what screenshots to take. Guess what I took screenshots of…heh heh heh.

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Sora no Manimani episode 9

I’ve been rather quiet on the Hime fascination front the last few episodes. This is because her chances in the shipping contest are all but gone. However I think I’ll return to my old ways for this episode because Hime simply rocked my fashionable polka-dot socks this time round.


One thing that becomes clearer when taking screenshots: A lot of the colour gets drained out of this anime since half of it takes place at night.

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Sora no Manimani episode 8

I’m a little bit later than usual with this post. That’s because every time I got around to writing this I got bored and went off to watch Honey and Clover or Monster. It’s hard to blog about anime when you’re far too busy watching the stuff.


Yeah, Honey and Clover is fantastic. Go watch it folks. Not quite so enthusiastic about Monster though but I guess it’s a nice change from generic rom-coms.

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Sora no Manimani episode 7

Around episode 4 I thought the subbing for this anime had settled down into a regular weekly pattern. Instead we get two weeks with nothing and then two in two days. It’s like busesmecha anime. None come along for several seasons and then 5 show up in one season…hopefully.


This time I’m going to tone down a bit on Hime appreciation since her chances are all but erased in this love square.

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Sora no Manimani episode 6

When it comes to the more popular anime, one can engage in fansub loyalty. For example, I always wait for gg subs to watch Bakemonogatari. With Sora no Manimani, it’s a simple case of ‘beggars can’t be choosers’. Not that there was much wrong with ASenshi subs, although you have to question the use of the word ‘aroused’ to describe the classroom atmosphere. And entire classroom full of kids aroused by Saku brings some rather unusual imagery to mind.


Welcome to Sora no Manimani episode 6, and you can expect yet another post of Hime fascination.

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