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Sora no Manimani episode 6

When it comes to the more popular anime, one can engage in fansub loyalty. For example, I always wait for gg subs to watch Bakemonogatari. With Sora no Manimani, it’s a simple case of ‘beggars can’t be choosers’. Not that there was much wrong with ASenshi subs, although you have to question the use of the word ‘aroused’ to describe the classroom atmosphere. And entire classroom full of kids aroused by Saku brings some rather unusual imagery to mind.


Welcome to Sora no Manimani episode 6, and you can expect yet another post of Hime fascination.

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Sora no Manimani episode 5

I know most of you reading this will be nerds and therefore have little to no interest in sports, but the English Premier League is starting today and by god am I pumped! Arsenal are going to prove everyone wrong and win the league this season. Come on you Gooners!


Now though lets focus on what you actually want to see, that obviously being Hime stripping!

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Sora no Manimani episode 4

After getting a little bit frustrated at the lack of subs, AnimeOne finally brought out episode 4. Now I hope they keep to regular subbing of this anime now. As I’ve always said, I don’t mind if the subs are behind so long as they’re regular.


Since the club president didn’t appear much this episode I’m going to lead off with Hime since Hime is cute and fluffy. Like a kitten.

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Sora no Manimani episode 3

Greetings one and all to my blog post on Sora no Manimani episode 3 and a bit of a lackluster episode it was if I may say so myself. However just saying that doesn’t constitute as a legitimate, thought-provoking, humorous blog post so I guess I shall have to say 695 more words.


Yet again I’m leading with a picture of the club president. Is there really any other way to begin?

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Sora no Manimani episode 2

I must admit I was having some doubts about Sora no Manimani. As I’ve learned from doing first impressions posts, first episodes can be very misleading (Kemeko and 07 Ghost being 2 examples of fantastic first episodes only to be later dropped in disgust). Plus this season has been a bit of a disappointment in a few cases. Umineko is just poorly done, Canaan lacks substance, Bones seemed to have forgotten to make a worthwhile story while focusing on making believable earthquakes and Endless Eight is still endless.


Sora no Manimani, on the other hand, only improved with this episode and has easily the greatest minor character of the year!

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Sora no Manimani episode 1

So for the first time ever, I was looking at blogging 2 anime at once! I know, daring isn’t it (although lets leave aside the fact Hetalia is only 5 minutes per episode for now). But when it came to this summer season, nothing really grabbed me. Spice and Wolf is great, but it’s a sequel and I don’t want to blog a sequel. Umineko would fun to blog but has quite enough people blogging it. I’m really not in the mood to blog something as deadly serious as Tokyo Magnitude and most of the rest seemed to be fairly dull slice of life and Canaan, which is just exploshuns which is hard to blog about.


In the end I settled on Sora no Manimani for two reasons. 1: the manga has a lot of good reviews, including Omni from Random Curiosity no less, and 2: It made me laugh out loud, something far too many slice-of-life series have forgotten how to do recently.

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