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A look back at the winter season

Just to let you know, these are my personal opinions from what I’ve been watching this season.  If you don’t agree, just feel free to civilly comment below on what you think differently.  An overall season impression – the boring ones have disappointed, but the underdogs certainly stood up to take their spots.  Nevertheless, somewhat exceeding expectations in terms of enjoyment.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: 9.0 / 10.0

Funny as hell, and you’ll never tire from watching it again and again.  This needs to be an RPG… and have a second season.  Don’t expect one though after a nice conclusion to the last episode.

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Sora no Woto episode 12 [final]

Final Grade: A-/B+

Who’s it for: Recommended to people who are at least curious at how real military garrison life is like, those expecting adventure, excitement, and killing need not apply. A good bet for fans of yuri real or imagined. A must see for those who have endured conscription and enlisted folks who want to reminisce about their own time in service and how funny it all is in hindsight. Those who cannot draw their own conclusion may experience anger and frustration that their agenda was not pushed through should contact Chaplain Crusader for a tough shit card and hurt feelings report. Use only as directed.”

-by Crusader from THAT Anime Blog

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Sora no Woto episode 11

As we approach the end of this series, I feel like some major storm is brewing up in the plot.  I was just watching a commercial for the Sora no Woto finale and it looked somewhat epic.  Yes, epic.  That’s more to say than K-ON and STRIKE Witches, which brings me to my next point… would Sora no Woto ever be considered on the same level as… wait, that’s a good post idea for some other time.  Heh heh.

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The Ghost of Soro no Woto

Sometimes, when a series is getting close it its finale, I can’t help but wander back to the early episodes and re-watch, paying closer attention to details in both environment and characters. Well, in doing this with Sora no Woto, I got stuck in Episode Two because of “that hand“. I wanted to find it again, wondering who that ghost might be, if she looked like anyone we’d met or heard about, but when I went to find it, I found a lot more…

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Sora no Woto episode 10

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Sora no Woto episode 9

Kanata and the others wonder if something is strange about Rio’s behaviour. As a typhoon settles in, Claus arrives with a package for Rio. After the others tell Kanata about Princess Iliya, they hear from Yumina that Seiya has gone missing and go into the city to search for him. Kureha and Claus find Mishio, who leads them to Seiya, who was trying to protect some eggplants. Whilst they manage to get Seiya to safety, Kureha and Claus are blocked off by a rockfall. It is revealed that Claus isn’t actually the desert wolf Kureha believed him to be. As the others send a wire over, the ground collapses beneath them, but Claus manages to rescue Kureha before she falls in. Despite knowing he is a fake, she still recognises Claus as the person she admires.

“ahahahaha. You failed, missus.”

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What to expect from K-ON!!

My resolution for the coming anime season was to have less and less summaries of just each episode but to have more thoughts on different things about the anime world so that more people can be interested more by my thoughts rather than the anime itself.  Hence, that being said, my first article will be “What to expect from K-ON!!”  Now, for those of you who don’t know, the first season is K-ON! while the second season is called K-ON!!, with two exclamations.  Yeah, I know it’s weird but here are the top five things you can expect from the second season.

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