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A Certain Anime-Oriented College Essay

I’m in this hell where I can barely squeeze in time to watch anime and play video games during lunch break called school.  I thought that I would never be able to write about anime until the school year was over.  By a twist of fate, I received an assignment to write a college essay on whatever the fuck I wanted as long as it was within 400 words.  CARPE DIEM! I took the chance to write about anime.  Before all of you laugh thinking that the essay would probably be mocked by peers and colleges alike.  The former actually handed back my paper during feedback and told me it was good.  One actually felt hers was completely incompetent after reading my essay and began another one. (Ok, OK I’m being an obnoxious bastard.)  So, I present to you the essay written on the manga that changed my life, Honey and Clover.  Enjoy. ❤


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The path to insanity: Watching 400 TV anime series

Now that I’m done with exams and the semester, I officially have NO life for about 4 months! Too Long!! Oh well, for this long period of having nothing productive to do, I guess that I have two objectives: Lose the beer belly and reach new heights as an anime watcher.

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The world’s most useless data: Kimi to Boku II Cat Meter – Ep 1-2

I’m not sure if anyone has started this, but I’m going to do it! I’m going to count every random cat shots in Kimi to Boku II. At least, I’ll finally have a reason to watch that boring show. So, for all of those who are planning to marathon this series and do a drinking game at the same time, I’m gathering the world’s most useless data for you, so that you know how much and what kind of drinks you need. I was actually supposed to introduce the cat meter on this week’s A Week in Review, but I don’t think I can finish it. I have too many first impressions that I haven’t finished doing. In addition, I’m pretty busy next week. So, I might as well introduce this totally useless thing on this individual post and continue the count for Episode 3 on April 16th-22nd’s A Week in Review.

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51 questions- cuz it’s fun remembering stuff about yourself

It’s funny. I forgot so much about myself over the course of these past months in what I like call a shit hole fuckfest of hellish binetian torture. Fuck you, Albert Binet, Fuck you. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system. I promise that the rest of the post is 99% profanity free. Now, I’ve been trying to ease myself into posting since the fuckfest has died down a little. However, it’s hard to find time to sit down type and proofread. So…

Question #0
What is your blogging style?
I sit down and write for an hour, then edit/proofread the next hour. Usually, I don’t write with an outline, but I have a general sense of where I’m going and some key opinions/comments I want to get across to my readers about the episode. E.g. DON’T FUCKING (I said 99% ;D ) WATCH THE LAST TWO EPISODES OF SCHOOL DAYS!!! or GO WATCH HONEY AND CLOVER NOW CUZ EYESEDSO!!!!!

This picture could be yours for just $19.99….

or you could just copy and paste it off the browser

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12 Days of Anime – Final: Year in Pictures

By definition anime is all about animation, moving pictures if you get down to the very basics and there certainly was plenty of visual stimulation this year.

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12 days of anime #6: BEST FUCKING SHOW EVER!!!!

If I were to materialize sex into a anime, that anime’s name would be Honey and Clover.  But no sex before you are married, right? 😀 You can watch Honey and Clover as a substitute before then.  Running Honey and Clover was the best decision Noitamina ever made.  The show doesn’t have samurai-esque massive “mobile suits” or exceedingly high amounts of fanservice.  The selling point is its ability to display a slice of life as it really is.  Except for Morita.  He’s just awesomely kickass.

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I’m B4CK: Valkryia Chronicles III

Guess whose back? You missed me? Of course, you did.  This is… Valkryia Chronicles, a video game adaption with a legitimate storyline and supposedly good gameplay mechanics.

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[UPDATED] Just hear me out Japan

Oh Balls!!!

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