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A Week in Review: March 19th – 25th: Jormungand a potential hit?, Guilty Crown ending, Aquarion and more sexual innuendo?

Two weeks have passed since I wrote anything. The week of March 12th – 18th was pretty uninteresting for me to do A Week In Review. I was trying to join Blindability and Gooney in the bandwagon by answering Ace Railgun’s 50 questions, but I couldn’t build any motivation to finish it. I was a bit too lazy to edit pictures and to determine the exact motorcycle part that caused me my worse injury. Instead, I took the Hippie Student Strike in Montreal as an opportunity to laze around. I can always make a highlight of Marc 12th – 18th like I did with my last post, but I just can’t seem to remember anything from that week, except for one thing: Aquarion Evol got delayed in TV Tokyo’s time slot by a  30 minute long promo about DHA/EPA, which was very annoying. If I had any editing skills, I would have made a picture of Amata Sora holding a bottle of drugs.

Let’s start-up with this “lazy” week in review as I may be dry on referencial jokes.

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Review of Buster Optimus Prime Leader Class Takara Tomy Limited Edition and Stop Motion Videos

Credits for this photo: UNOYO's Toy box. Click for direct link to his review in japanese

Yes it’s optimus prime! Leader class from Takara Tomy. He’s back from the Dark Side of the moon! It’s huge, it’s awesome and a piece of art. More after the break on how I acquired it and lots of images!

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Revisiting Full Metal Panic


Written for Kaza, with love from Loba.

For the sake of brevity, I will just introduce a brief look into Full Metal Panic! The second raid, the 2nd or 3rd season depending on how you look at it, in this case, let’s take it as Season 2.

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Vote for the Best Picture!

Z over here is giving away a still-new in box R-Gun Powered from Kotobukiya’s SRW OG line-up.


The catch? Take a picture of your favorite/best Gundam model in the best pose you can put it in. Best one wins as decided in a poll.

So go over now here and give your vote! To ensure fairness, I will not reveal which of the 6 is mine =3. I’m so good.


Toyworks Claymore No.47 Clare Figure Gallery + Bonus

Well so, I should be studying for my EG1108 module right now but my newly acquired figures await my lousy photographing skills. This post is to showcase the new figure as well as announce that I will be temporarily halting the review of gundam 00 till 3rd November. The finals are coming and I am totally pressed for time for revision.

So previously, I had acquired a figure of Clare from Claymore (made by Megahouse) and posted a picture here. Today, november, I collected the figure I ordered in June, arrived in September. Yeap. Just couldn’t get off my anime fix to go down east to collect it.

The overall pose of the new claymore figure is much more aggressive and dynamic compared to the first claymore figure that kinda gave off the ‘crouching tiger, hidden dragon’ vibe. It’s as if the first figure is saying ‘I will p@wn all of you, bring it on’ while the second figure gave off the vibe of ‘No time to waste, gotta kill them all.’ Thus, if you link it back to the anime, the clothes on 1st would match the beginning of the show where she was just going from missions to missions with a robotic feel to it while at the later part of the show, she becomes more ‘human’ and thus the human portrayal of her feelings on the 2nd  figure. In typing the above paragraph, the 25 photos finally finished uploading. Stinktel limits our upload speed a lot. I hate them. Full gallery here

When future meets the past.

When future meets the past.

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[UPDATE]50% off 00 Region Gundam Exia on HLJ

Edit : 21/10 – It’s on 50% off AGAIN! And a lot more here as well!

UNBELIEVEABLE. 00 Region #2301 Gundam Exia is going at 2000 Yen! . With all weapons, accessories and a stand. Grab it while stocks last here.

Previously took some pictures of Exia here and here.

For the full gallery, you can visit my exia here. Thumbnails doesn’t seem to be working so just click on any image and scroll left or right.


Battlescarred Gundam RX-79(G) Gundam gallery

A little while back, I posted a picture of the battle scarred Gundam RX-79(G). A short cruise on the net showed three different variants of this Gunda RX-79(G). I think I got the rare one =O Click for more pictures taken by 6220 classic in poor lightning(sorry, free only at night)

Comparable to GFF equipment, 3 guns, 2 sabers, 4 interswitchable hands, battlescarred limbs, 1 bagpack and 1 tank.

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