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My sexuality is being jeopardized: Kyoto new project is K-ON! w/ ONLY boys!

Remember that rant I posted the other day saying:

Sigh, I was really hoping for K-ON! 2.0 with boys edition.

Kyoto got right on it.  BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT!  AND THEY”RE SERIOUS!!   They literally just made the four genderbent into hot bishounens. I wanted cute girls who regularly interacted with boys on a day to day basis.  Not cute guys only!  In the fujoshi population of the anime fandom, you can hear the arousal calls of thousands going: “UEHEHEHEHEHEH.”  And the REAL issue is. I might just join them.

Now for the specs:

Title:  Swimming/「水泳編」

Production staff:

  • Storyboards & director: Hiroko Utsumi (ANN)
  • Character design & animation director: Futoshi Nishiya (ANN)
  • Key animators: Fumio Tada (ANN), Taichi Ishidate (ANN), Nao Naito(ANN), Eisaku Kawanami (Animation Do; ANN), Tatsuya Satou(Animation Do; ANN)
  • In-between check: Motoki Matsumura (Animation Do; ANN)
  • Color design: Yūka Yoneda (ANN)
  • Special effects: Shizuka Uno (ANN)
  • Background: Jouji Unoguchi (ANN)
  • Director of photography: Kazuya Takao (ANN)


  • Composition & arrangement: Daisuke Kikuta (Elements Garden)
  • Music production: Lantis
  • Music producer: Shigeru Saitou (Lantis)
  • Sound production: Rakuonsha


that’s from here.


Coming Season Preview

I took this guy’s beautiful chart and scribbled my opinions on it.  I suggest navigating the picture at 50% and zooming in to see what anime didn’t get X’d out by me.   I’ll paste my first impressions on each of the anime I think have potential here.


Why I’ll Never F.I. Upotte!!

So Blindability gave me this anime to First Impressionify… AND I did say guns and girls make a good combo…


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blindability’s Feature First Impression

Earlier this month I had a “Boss Moment” and assigned each one of my writers one show at random from the Spring line up to review. For myself, I would review whichever show one of the other writers suggested; Gooney spoke first and assigned me Haiyore! Nyaruko-san.

Damnation, Gooney.

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Better Late Than Never First Impressions

“Better late than never” seems to be the theme of our First Impressions posts here at Bokutachi no BLOG, haha. But to be fair, sometimes you do need to see more than just the first episode of something to know whether or not you like it. Of course, there are the shows that instantly impress upon you that they’ll hold your interest all season long…

…Only to fail you by ending poorly.

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First Impressions: Nazo no Kanojo X Episode 1 and 2 – Yummy Magical Drool

Better late than never, right?

Let me call this for future reference:

A few seasons ago, it was ear cleaning (Hen Zemi). Last season, it was toothbrushing (Nisemonogatari). This season, it’s drool licking (Nazo no Kanojo X). So logically speaking, nose picking must be next!

If a guy or a girl happens to romantically or sexually pick the nose of someone of the opposite sex in an anime coming to a near future, everyone who read this and who blog such an anime must quote me as a great genius.

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First Impressions – Jormungand

Black Lagoon is my favourite action show of all time, it’s wonderful blend of extremely well-directed hyper-violence, cynicism, great characters, and humour stemming from a heart of black served to create one of the most entertaining shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. Lord of War is what I consider to be one of the most entertaining films of the last decade, for being an incredibly stylish, yet still human look at the world of arms dealership. You give me an anime that combines those two things the way Jormungand seems to be going, and I’ll go insane with joy.

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Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Wait: How did I not hear about this!?

I know Avatar: the Last Airbender isn’t technically anime because it’s not Japanese, and I remember getting really confused when I first watched the original series because I wondered how this particular “anime” had such good English dubbing, only to learn later that it was an American produced series (by Nickelodeon). The Legend of Korra follows the original series, beginning approximately 70 years after the end of The Last Airbender, and focuses on Korra, the new Avatar.

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