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HTC HD2 which is twice as fast as my 1st computer

Granted, we won’t see this till beginning of next year but what the heck, it has a 1Ghz processor inside.


Samsung HD Omnia Vs iPhone – Short Video Review

Because I have more than one deadlines coming up right after mid terms, just watch how an Apple iphone fan is wow-ed by omniaHD, I really wanted to review this, this is like an awesome device to watch avi anime on the go. Too bad it still can’t playback gintama on the old firmware.


Cowon A3+S9+nokia 6220c = SECRET ITEM!

Selling the above 3

nokia 6220 Classic – 5 MP Xenon Flash camera phone

Cowon A3 – Insane video/music player which can play anything on this earth

Cowon S9 – Insane music/video player which has more EQs than all the ipods combine can ever give you

gave me….

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Dream Product: Sony Archowon A7PS

This section says ‘anything’ so here goes~!

<Need someone to artistically render an image after reading this post lol>

Being too bored, I came up with a ‘product’ which is a mishmash of 3 portable gadgets : Archos 5, Cowon A3 and PSP.

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Apple’s Macbook Event: Hoping to add this into my Christmas wishlist

Steve Jobs is about to go “BOOM” again. This time around, it’s gonna be the new Macbooks. I must admit it, I’m an Apple fanboy. And these new Macbooks would get me all excited nonetheless. If you want to catch the event live, do check out the liveblogs covering the event. Here’s one, Gizmodo’s liveblog, and I’ll be following this one. Hopefully, the new Macbooks would be very awesome as always. Do take note that I pluralize the Macbooks. Yes, it’s gonna be more than just one Macbook.


Archos 5 beta yet released, asks for bashing

As much as I wanted a 3G iphone or Archos 5, I am never the kind to jump straight into a purchase without further research. And so far, Archos 5 hasn’t done much to convince me to bring it home with its several bugs and problems.

1st up, we have WIFI problems which could be solved if you set your home’s router SSID to broadcast but if those free wifi hotspots have hidden SSID…good luck. There are a few hiccups here and there with the latter being a more permanent effect. Poor customer support doesn’t appeal either but the good news is, a technical developer does frequent the site! All is not lost yet…unleashing the full potential of the device requires lots of dough to purchase the additional plugins and addons.

Last of all, the latest firmware is still in BETA. Yep, BETA yet released as the topic says. If you really want a headache free purchase which you really want, I mean, just look at this guy, a loyal fan turned into a rabid hater about to tear his Archos 5 apart. My recommendation is to sit it out (as I am) and observe if the bugs and codec support are resolved.


Archos 5 being reviewed by Archoslounge have posted 2 parts of their review. I will link them below and put the videos for each Part here if you don’t feel like going over to

Archos 5 review – Part 1: Unboxing

Archos 5 review – Part 2: The Design, screen size, quality and the HDMI output

Archos 5 review – Part 3: Browsing

IF you can read in french or don’t mind the weird english from babelfishing every page of the review, here’s a comprehensive review of Archos 5 in french:

Archos 5 : The maximum Test

From the above review, I garner the most important information of all: Playable codecs on the archos 5 (table below), it’s rather comprehensive, Oui = yes, non = no. Looks like H.264 HP is still not supported yet although there might be a glimmer of hope if archos get to work on the firmware since the ARM Cortex processor by Texas Instruments, used in the Archos 5, Archos 5G and Archos 7 is faster then the Intel Atom processor.

There should be many other reviews popping up the wild wild west soon but I’m won’t be updating this anytime soon due to schoolwork and stuff. Don’t even mention anime, KIV-ed series are multiplying like rabbits! So, are you still prepared to shelf out at least US$350 (excluding shipping) for the cheapest 60GB Archos 5 model?


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