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11.11 just came & gone – Are you still single?

Edit: Alignment of pictures and table are off, gotta fix that.

11.11 Singles Day was just over! What have you looted?

For myself, I looted a new casing for my huawei mate 20; jumped ship after 12 years with samsung!

After getting married, my PC gaming/anime watching time nose-dived but time for mobile gaming went up so I splurged and bought 3 telescopic gaming controllers to test.

I have yet to receive the controllers and will give a brief impression once they are in my hands. 8bitdo SN/SF30 Pro was also considered but given a miss as it was not the form factor I was looking for.

Pictures of controller followed by cross-comparison specifications and my comments.

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For The Win by Cory Doctorow Book Review

I digressed too much as I was writing this. So you’ll just have to click continue on reading, because the intro got too wonky to use as an intro.  It’s extra long to compensate for something ;D

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A Look At Gaming – Why March 23rd is a fantastic day for gaming

[Ugh, I’ve been gone far too long, I have a reason, which I’ll fully explain at the end of this post, but rest assured it was not just laziness. Anyway, on with the post]

2012 so far looks like a wonderful year for games doesn’t it? We’ve had the third game in the revered Mass Effect series, (even if I personally dislike it, it’s still notable) the first game directed by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi since FFV 20 (!) years ago, a return to form for Resident Evil, among other incredibly cool stuff I don’t want to mention here to avoid being long winded. So here I am presenting a look ahead into the very, very near future. The 23rd of March looks surprisingly awesome with a bunch of releases that I’m extremely excited for. (Hell, I wouldn’t write this if I wasn’t excited) So join as I take a look at the game releases of next week Friday, as stupid as that sounds.

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A look at gaming – Review: Resident Evil: Revelations

Three Resident Evil games in one year? As a huge fan of the series, I’m ecstatic about it, however, I’ve had this nagging feeling in the back of my mind ever since RE6 was announced. I felt that maybe the series was spreading itself a bit thin, and that the quality of the games would suffer as a result. With that said, I’m very happy to announce that not only is Resident Evil: Revelations as good as I’d hoped, it’s also probably the greatest showcase for the 3DS thus far.

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The Hungry Baneling

It’s a fun game too bad it isn’t what I am talking about.  What I AM going to talk about is anime and pretty much every single anime I consider worth watching for this season.  A picture of the Starcraft II UMS that I am talking about.  Really good game, the joy of Pokemon except better.  Think of it as a game where you play a mutated pikachu who rolls overs stuff to eat it and become bigger and bigger.  Then you eat more stuff… Then more… Then….



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The wastelands encroaches

Finally, after 25 days of waiting, it has finally arrived. Luckily, I had a chalet to take time off right after exams (made some short clips of stopmotion while I was the Anime Club’s chalet) so it’s a better late than never arrival of IT.
Took some pictures of what’s inside IT, post them here and I will be jumping right back into the wastelands!

Let’s crawl right over to take a look!

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Sony PSP-3000

Oh boy, here’s another rendition of PSP-3000, let’s just hope Sony does not continue to release PSPs at an annual pace! It’s going to be priced at US$200 with a bundled game which uhm, you and I probably have no interest in but that’s beside the point isn’t it? We get a spanking new PSP with much improved contrast ratio and a wide platte of colours!

Play in the sun? Noooo probleeem!

PSP slim versus PSP slimmer!

Beside the much improved screen, an inbuilt microphone will squeezed into the psp-3000 for your skyping pleasures! *WIFI each sold separatedly! Now if only they manage to squeeze a phone and touch screen inside…and will there be codec improvement for your anime viewing purpose? Gundam on PSP perhaps?

Official release here


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