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My Sai Mecha Nominations

For those not in the know, EO from THAT Anime Blog has started up the Sai Mecha Super Dimensional Robot tournament to inject some testosterone into the aniblogisphere which is currently ccaught up in SaiMoe’s moeblobbery.

Basically its a giant tournament in which some of the greatest Mecha to ever grace our screens & imaginations square off against each other in one-on-one combat. What more could you ask for? The competition is in its nomination phase, so behold my nominations.

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Best Anime for the Worst day

Wassup! It’s a melancholic rainy day outside, the weather is rather cold and I’ll be in bed for the next 2-3 days thanks to an injured knee (it was worth it, it’s rather funny hitting your opponent with a rolling kick just before the round ends, just be sure to twist your supporting leg next time.. :D). Since I’ll have plenty of time to spend with my beloved laptop, I decided to dive into the unknown fields of my anime folders. Then I realized that I’d had liked to have some tips about which series would be nice to watch on a day like this beforehand…They might not be the best anime ever, but I’m sure you can find something in here to kill some time. Enjoy!

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Best Anime of 2010

I lied.  I got one more post for you all and it’s basically my Christmas present to the rest of my team and your viewers who take your time to come to this site.  As a tradition, we award the best anime shows of 2010 but this time, we’re doing things a bit differently.  Regardless, here’s a bland generic picture of a 2010 anime to get things started before you guys have to click on the “Click here to read more button”.

How we’re basically going to do this is we picked a bunch of shows from the different seasons and gave each season a pick.  Of course, we have one runner-up who also should get credit for having a fun and/or good anime.  Don’t expect Sekirei ~pure engagement~ to be on this list because as much as some of us enjoy bouncing boobs, ripping clothes, and hot girls fighting, that doesn’t define anime.  Imagine what would happen to us if we followed that stereotype.

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My Rating System

Due to some confusion, I would like to clarify how I rate anime series at the end of the season.  I will be referring to this post continuously at the end of every season so save this page… or somethin’ of the sort.

10.0 / 10.0 – Amazing.  Period.  If you don’t like it, you’re messed up.

9.0 – Exceedingly good.

8.0 – Above average.  Decent.

7.0 – Average… the good kind.

6.0 – Boring… after a bit.

5.0 – Riddled with crap or useless material.

4.0 – I wasted my time even considering this.

3.0 – 1.0 – I will never give this rating, unless it’s BALLS.

That being said, the highest ratings I gave were a 9.8 / 10.0 for three different anime:

Death Note

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

and The Girl who Leapt through Time


Spring Anime 2010 Preview

My friends, this is the product of giving SPIRAL the duty to make this long post.  It’s not as good as Scamp’s, I know, but it took me a hell long of a time to make this too, but I’ll keep on fixing it.  You know the drill: the other writers and I have compiled a list of the anime of the Spring 2010 season and given you the summaries, the trailers (when they come out), and our thoughts on them.  Once again, the information comes from many different sources such as ANN, Chartfags, Metanorm, and my good friend, Google Images and Youtube.

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Top Ten Anime of 2009

I got an early present for y’all – the final anime list is one day early.  YAY consider it a present for those of you who read this blog daily.  And after a long year of anime, we finally come to the final list.  The best anime of the year can only go to the best, meaning all qualities of the anime must be good.  Are you ready for the ultimate list?

Honorable Mentions (meaning they did not make the list but they’re worth trying out):


Incredible graphics, yet disappointing storyline.  This could’ve easily won the best anime had it not been for the standing plot.


Good aspects all around, but the others were better.

Zan Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei

Comedy with random facts of society, life, and people – you either love this or hate this.  And I personally love it.

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Top Ten Manga of 2009

The manga criteria is a bit harder to judge, but just to clear the confusion, the nominees here are ONLY manga and not anime.   Yes, that means don’t expect One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, etc – if it’s been made into an anime or will be in the upcoming season, it will not be on this list.  Unless the anime takes a completely different direction than the anime, then it won’t be on here.  Yes, I know there aren’t a lot of well-known ones but I told you guys that I read a lot of manga that I can’t wait until it becomes an anime… Fairy Tail was one of them but now, that can’t go on the list because it’s been made into the anime.  Shall we dance?

10th place – No Bra

No don’t run away it’s not the same as Chu-Bra! Haha this you would only watch for the comedy and nothing else.  Yes, they’re guys and one likes to crossdress hence the title No Bra.  It’s not a bad choice, yet it’s not one of the best ones either, since it hasn’t been made into an anime.  Personally, I found it comical… but only when I was in my good moods.

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Top Five Flops of 2009

Yes, the topic nobody wants to talk about, nor wants to give credits too.  People are going to bash on this a lot, and I’m expecting that when I call the show(s) they watch flops of this year.  Basically, the criteria is that the show is expected to be decently good, but ends up sucking balls.  Yes, that’s basically it. Oh, and before I begin, you WANT to be ranked lower on this one (basically, first place is the biggest flop of 2009).

Fifth place: Shin Koihime Musou
File:Koihime Musō game cover.jpg

If you didn’t already know, Shin Koihime Musou is the second season to Koihime Musou, and personally, I don’t even have the strangest ideas why it got the green light – I played the game itself, and it’s low on content and plot *cough cough*, I thought the anime could possibly make up for the lame-ness but nooooooooooooooooo, it sucked.  If you don’t recall the hype over this, it was actually anticipated to be in the top three this year according to many predictions.  Well guess what?  FAIL

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