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A Certain Magical Index: Endymion no Kiseki

As a somewhat sequel to the original animation run, the movie does the standard requirements well.  However, it doesn’t do anything in particularly special in return.



 Loli magicians.  It wouldn’t be Toaru Majutsu without ’em.  

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Hotarubi no Mori e

I realized it was foolish of me to say that I was going to review every OVA and Movie that aired as some of them are really not worth the time watching, not to mention reviewing. Plus I’d read somewhere that Gyo was on the scary side, and I just don’t do scary.

Fortunately, Hotarubi no Mori e is not of the scary genre, and it is definitely worth the time to watch.

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Review of Buster Optimus Prime Leader Class Takara Tomy Limited Edition and Stop Motion Videos

Credits for this photo: UNOYO's Toy box. Click for direct link to his review in japanese

Yes it’s optimus prime! Leader class from Takara Tomy. He’s back from the Dark Side of the moon! It’s huge, it’s awesome and a piece of art. More after the break on how I acquired it and lots of images!

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Ponyo on the Cliff

Finally I had the chance to watch Ponyo on the Cliff courtesy of one of my local libraries. I know, I know, the movie’s been out for a while, and yes had I really wanted to watch it that badly, I would’ve found some way to get my hands on it rather than waiting for a library to get rid of their copy to make room for new movies. …Okay so I may have forgotten about Ponyo for a bit, but I did always want to watch it. And now I have.

don't die of pollution Ponyo!

(Oh: I should probably warn you about spoilers – not that I’m deliberately spoiling the story for whoever hasn’t seen it yet…)

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Revisiting old films: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

The Turks make this awesome to watch.

So what do you do on a day when you are 1) down with fever + dry cough and 2) bored to death. Rewatch old films! Final Fantasy VII advent children, first released in 2005, then again in 2009 as bluray. The latter is the director’s cut which I just rewatched and well, the extra scenes don’t really make a big difference. This might sound heretic but I never finished playing FFVII, I installed it on my computer back in 1998 and it wasn’t powerful enough to run it. I installed it again in 2007 and it was too old to be run on windows xp. I tried playing it on PSP but then I lost my PSP! Now I have the chance to play it on Galaxy S but I’m selling it! Perhaps I might complete it on my new phone Samsung Galaxy SII but it seems I have digressed too much. Let’s see what made this movie rock and not rock from the point of view of a person who never ever completed Final Fantasy VII nor Crisis core on PSP. P.S. There has on and off rumours that there could be a remake of FFVII for PS3. If that happens, I’m so borrowing a PS3 from my uncle.

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Get your free Cake NOW!!

the cake is a lie. tee hee

So actually, This is a The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya: THE MOVIE <generic deep voice here> review.  I apologize about my total abscence

At least my lie wasn't so blatant ^_^ (oh wait)

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Would Harry Potter been better as a movie series, or an anime?

If you do not know who or what Happy Potter is, go jump off a building.  Just kidding- Harry Potter is literally a “magical” series created by J.K. Rowling.  From the Philosopher’s Stone all the way to the Deathly Hallows, the ‘Boy-who-Lived’ will remain a classic for many years to come by all literary fans.

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Random Conglomeration of Stuff

Inspired by Scamp’s Generic Post thingy with the awesome Ryu from Toradora pic.

I bring you a random conglomeration of stuff (not in sequencial order):

1. Vote for my avatar

2. To aru kagaku no railgun

3. Summer Wars

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