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k-on!! twenty-five and twenty-six: the end of extras

“I combined the post for the last three [two] episodes of [K-On!!] for artistic and narrative purposes, not because of laziness.” ~ If you don’t learn from the best, then you’ll never become a great anime reviewer.

For the most part, “Extra Episodes” are like throw away episodes: You don’t expect anything important or impactful from them. For the most part, Episode 25 and 26 were just that. But behind all the silliness, there were a few moments in these final episodes that proved to be  important in providing closure for all who love K-On.

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k-on!! episode twenty-four: finale

While there are two confirmed extra episodes to follow Episode 24, this is, in many ways (if not in every way), the end of K-On. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get emotional during this episode, and not just because I love this series so deeply, but because as a last episode, it was excellent.

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k-on!! episode 23

Well someone lied and led me to believe K-On!! would be 26 episodes, but it turns out there’s only 24. Which is okay in a way since I’d originally thought there would only be 13 episodes. It’s also better that they quit while they’re on top, though I’m sure K-On could continue without purpose and still hold a large fan base.

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k-on!! episode twenty-two

Huh. I guess I never really thought about how Valentine’s Day would work in an all-girls school. Way to take a commercial holiday for granted, eh? I suppose it makes sense that juniors would make chocolates for the seniors they admired, as well as their regular group of friends. The funny thing is, girls can give other girls chocolates without it necessarily implying romantic attraction, but can boys? Would an all-boys school also celebrate Valentine’s Day (and White Day) the same way?

Ah: You’ve got to love the “guidelines” of social norms set by mainstream society.

But on to other fun things…

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k-on!! episode twenty-one

I’m not sure how many boys will be able to relate to this episode, but I’m sure most girls, if not every girl, has either experienced – or feared – the “self-cut”.

And the only thing better than a bad “self-cut” is a group of friends who lie to you about how bad it is.

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k-on!! b-side theater 01

When it comes to K-On’s B-Side Theater, I have to admit I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s not as funny as let’s say Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book is – or at least supposed to be – but then again, it doesn’t follow the same format. Anyhow, B-Side Theater is always, always silly. There was one from the first season about Mugi’s eyebrows: So what if her eyebrows look like pickled radishes? It adds to the yumminess of her character. The first installment for the second season features Azusa who’s reading up on fortune telling – particularly dream interpretation. According to Azu-nyan, everyone, in their former life, was a bug. …I hope she didn’t pay too much for that book. These little shorts are never important to the plot and most times, easily forgettable.


k-on!! episode twenty

Finally! Our long awaited episode containing a performance and – and – and – MUSIC!

So… would it be bad to complain about the music we did get to hear?

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k-on!! episode nineteen

After seeing Episode Nineteen, I believe there is one reason and one reason only why all of class 3-2 voted Mio to play the part of Romeo and Ritsu to play Juliet:

Now everyone can graduate with no regrets.

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