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12 moments of Anime #12: The day I understood the oldfags

There’s a tradition in the aniblogsphere started by CCY at Mega Megane Moe called the ’12 Moments in Anime’ Project. Every year, starting on the 14th of December, bloggers are invited to write about their 12 favourite anime-related things over the past year. There’s something so honest and true to the spirit of Christmas about the project and I remember reading some of the posts last year and really enjoying them. So in the true spirit of Christmas and definitely not an attempt to get even more hits and recognition of the aniblogsphere I’ve decided to join in this year. The problem is my memory on how people structured these posts or what they even talked about is completely gone. But instead of going back and copying the ideas of writers from last year and end up with posts that look identical to everyone elses I’m instead going to fly straight into this without research in the hopes that I’ll produce something noticeably different from everyone else. Will this tactic work? Well the only way I’ll find out is by just doing the blasted thing instead of this needlessly long introductory paragraph.

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Favourite Anime Movie survey

I already mentioned this in my Akira post but I feel I should do a full post to garner more attention for this survey. Animesource are running a favourite anime movie survey. The polls close on August 5th so you still have about 2 weeks to vote (at least, at the time of writing). So go on, pop on over if you haven’t already voted yet. I have no idea how many people actually know of this site but they run giant fan-surveys about 3 times a year and they are always fun to see the results of.MovieSurveyTeaser

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Now I understand how Akira created a generation of anime fans

Anime Source is running it’s latest grand fan survey on your favourite anime movie, so do pop on over if you haven’t voted yet. The thing is, I had only watched about 6/7 anime movies when they announced the poll so I realised ‘hot dang, I gotta watch myself some of these anime movie things’. In the past 3 weeks I’ve seen a wide bunch of movies either by downloads, streaming, dvd’s or even an old video tape. These include Jih Roh and the Wolf Brigade (I really didn’t get that movie at all), Ghost in the Shell (a bit overrated but still very good and very smart), Kara no Kyokai (beautifully animated but that is really about it), Grave of the Fireflies (the only movie or series to ever make me cry…), the Kino’s Journey movies I’d forgotten to watch (they’re Kino’s Journey so of course they’re good) and Akira.

And now I understand an entire generation of anime fans was spawned by this movie.

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