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poro’s select preview

I hated making preview before.  I’d get the chart from some random chart maker.  The clean beautiful chart would then be defaced by my red ink of dispproval of half the series.  So, I’ve come up with a new system!  Eat more chicken and do previews of shows that I’ve watched.  This does still include ones that I don’t like, but at least I can pull some evidence from the first episode itself to prove to you why it’s gonna be boring.


Why have an awesome pic of Super Sonico you ask?  Because Blinda had a random pic too o.o

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A proper look to see if this really is one of the best seasons in recent memory or are people over-reacting as bloody usual

Woah, long title. After getting a bit annoyed at loads of people declaring the current Summer season to be one of the greatest seasons in recent memory, I decided to take a proper look at past seasons to make the decision for myself. Having only started watching anime weekly in Winter 08, I have no idea how good the past seasons really were. So off to MAL I went and went on a long and tedious process of taking down loads of names of anime vaguely knew to see which season truly was the greatest. Just an interesting observation: I thought the average scores for anime seem would go up every year since people seem to over-rate more recent anime but the average stayed about the same. The ratings never lie folks.

A quick little run down of the key I’ll be using:

Big Name: One of the higher quality and better known anime of the year

Over-rated: Well known anime but are poorly rated

BIG NAME: The anime whose names have gone down in history, for the good reasons obviously

Right, lets do this!

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