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The Idolm@ster Ep 8: The Hamzou Streak ends

We were expecting it, but it still stings. For the first time ever, Hamzou doesn’t get any air time on an episode. At this point, only Producer appears in EVERY episode.

But oh boy, Hamzou quickly becomes forgotten when you get a great episode involving Azusa and Makoto. What can I say? It was simply dynamic, even more than the first episode (the interview one).

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k-on! episode 11: crisis!

can the crisis be averted in time?

can the crisis be averted in time?

Ooohhh: what an episode. As the title explicitly states the girls find themselves in a bit of a predicament. The interesting part is that for nearly half the episode, you’re wondering what exactly the crisis is: Is it – as the previews suggest – the fact that Yui hasn’t maintained her guitar (affectionately named Giita or Gitah depending on which subbers you follow) since she purchased it and the service time might conflict with their upcoming performance? Or maybe that Ritsu forgot to hand in the auditorium usage form again? Or will it be something much more serious than that?

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k-on! episode 10: another training camp

training camp is fun

training camp is fun

With another school year for the girls of Sakura High, another summer vacation dawns in Episode 10, and much like the previous summer vacation, the Light Music Club organizes another training camp – and that means FUN. We spend another episode watching the girls clad in their cute swimsuits, playing on the beautiful beach under the shining sun, splashing around in the clear blue waters… Ironically enough, the only thing we may not see any of is actual PRACTICE; something that may not sit well with the disciplined Azu-nyan. But if you want to see how her very first Light Music Club Training Camp goes, you’ll have to read on!

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