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Who cares about this season, I’m looking forward to Durarara!

What, there’s a new season? Does it have an anime made by the entire same crew who worked behind Baccano? For example, does it have any anime by Brains Base? What about Takahiro Omori, the director or Takahiro Kishida, the character designer for Baccano? How about an anime based off a light novel by Ryohgo Narita, the guy who wrote Baccano? I doesn’t? Well, next winter does. Screw you Fall. Or Autumn. People can’t even agree on your name. Winter is going to rock my socks. Because this Winter, Durarara is airing! I would post the video of the new trailer but I have no idea how to rip videos onto youtube and nobody else has done it yet so instead I’m going to provide you to a link to their homepage so you can watch the video there.

::Edit:: Found it!


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