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Now that the world didn’t end.. READ!

Hey there! I hope there are many survivors out there, otherwise, writing down this post for purposes other than keeping a personal diary would be meaningless…

While waiting for the world’s end (again…) I had nothing I would like to die watching, hence I started checking on my manga sites and found out some really good titles (well, not all of them, but some where highly recommendable…). So I thought to myself that if another apocalypse is about to happen soon (you know, every 2 or 3 months the world is about to end at one point or the other… ) these are some titles that you could read while your parents wall the doors, granny prays in unknown languages in front of a set of candles in a corner of the room and your neighbors run like headless chickens around your yard (for those that are laughing, this is not a joke, but an anecdote…).

So, hope you like these recomendations, and if you don’t, I’m always open to suggestions (and donations, of course..)

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Toyworks Claymore No.47 Clare Figure Gallery + Bonus

Well so, I should be studying for my EG1108 module right now but my newly acquired figures await my lousy photographing skills. This post is to showcase the new figure as well as announce that I will be temporarily halting the review of gundam 00 till 3rd November. The finals are coming and I am totally pressed for time for revision.

So previously, I had acquired a figure of Clare from Claymore (made by Megahouse) and posted a picture here. Today, november, I collected the figure I ordered in June, arrived in September. Yeap. Just couldn’t get off my anime fix to go down east to collect it.

The overall pose of the new claymore figure is much more aggressive and dynamic compared to the first claymore figure that kinda gave off the ‘crouching tiger, hidden dragon’ vibe. It’s as if the first figure is saying ‘I will p@wn all of you, bring it on’ while the second figure gave off the vibe of ‘No time to waste, gotta kill them all.’ Thus, if you link it back to the anime, the clothes on 1st would match the beginning of the show where she was just going from missions to missions with a robotic feel to it while at the later part of the show, she becomes more ‘human’ and thus the human portrayal of her feelings on the 2nd  figure. In typing the above paragraph, the 25 photos finally finished uploading. Stinktel limits our upload speed a lot. I hate them. Full gallery here

When future meets the past.

When future meets the past.

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