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Apparantly Code Geass has ‘mixed reviews’

Code Geass, and Code Geass R2, have mixed reviews. Some people love it, some people hate it. That’s been established by bloggers, forums and pretty much the entire anime fandom. I kinda took that for granted. Then I saw this

Mixed Reviews, and yet R2 is classified, after 1554 votes, to be the second greatest anime of all time according to Anime News Network. Something is quite wrong here…

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Code Geass: The fight continues

In less than a hour, Code Geass R2 will begin airing in Japan and the rebellion of Lelouch will continue. Since I have never make any review on Code Geass and with its second season drawing closer, I’ll go for a quick look into what had happened to the first season of the story. In the beginning, I was a little skeptical about Code Geass. Not because it was by CLAMP (I love most of CLAMP works, by the way – except for Tsubasa Chronicles and Cardcaptor Sakura), not because that it was a mecha anime (Gundam 00 reignite my interest in that genre), but because it was a mecha anime by CLAMP. Never have anyone thought that CLAMP would undertake such a feat but they did. Code Geass was their answer and with SUNRISE undertaking the animation, it was flawless from episode 1 to the finale.

Code Geass
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