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Sora No Woto – episode 1 – Official Review

Kaza Is Back! That’s right folks, you herd me loud and clear. I’m back, and fashionably late as well. But that’s OK. You know why? Because I already know you all missed me. *Don’t burst my bubble just yet with the cold hard truth*… *please* XD. Anyways, I’m here to continue my job as a blogger/reviewer and tell you about the much-loved and anticipated show, Sora No Woto. Or is it Sor No Oto?

Yea maybe it’s not what everyone was wanting, but it sure as hell is what you should have expected it to be. I mean seriously, what else do you want from a five girls blowing trumpets for other soldiers. XD

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Nyan Koi Episode 1

Link to watch the episode:

Oh My Goodness! Some girl, that we have no clue who she is, practically confessed to this boy who, by the way, we have no idea who he is either. She can’t take it anymore and throws herself on him, and asks the spiky haired boy if he dislikes her. Of course, like any boy would, he responds with a quick, “No, I don’t dislike you. I need to set my feelings strait too.” *whimper…Oh boy, seems like its about to get very intense. And its only in the beginning of the first episode!

But no. Unfortunately for our brave, black haired boy, this was all but a dream. Actually the funny part is that he was woken up by his pet cat, Nyamsus. Being tortured by the allergies that he has toward cats, he also discovers that he can now hear what the cat is saying! Yes, that is a “hear”, as in the thing that you do with you ear, in case you missed that. But anyways, by the girl in his dreams, we are introduced to our Main Character,  Junpei Kousaka.

Nyan Koi- Junpei

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