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12 Moments of Anime #6: The year I thought Crunchyroll would dominate the anime scene

This was originally going to be the first post I wrote in regards to this 12 moments of anime project. I decided to save it for later because I wanted to start off these posts with something happy and uncontroversial. Crunchyroll can certainly spark of some heartfelt comments and they have done before, even when I’ve only briefly mentioned them in the middle of a post. However devoting an entire post to my support of legal streaming…this should be interesting.

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Crunchroll has some surprisingly good writers for its newsletter: A review of Pale Cocoon

I’m one of those unfortunate souls who have subscribed to Crunchyroll’s weekly newsletter. I’ve been so since the newsletter began and I can say with absolute confidence that pretty much all of the articles sucked. Obviously Crunchyroll had to deal with the fact that couldn’t do a proper critical review of any of their anime because they were partnered with these companies. These guys aren’t ANN. They stream these anime and have to do their best to goddam advertise these products they have, especially considering the fact that they are the beacon of online legal anime streaming. But something strange has been happening with their newsletter recently. I’m actually starting to read some of the articles that it’s producing! I’m not sure if it’s because they got some proper, experienced writers in or because the old writers have gotten used to writing with these restraints on, but suddenly they were producing excellent little reviews of their series. The best of which came this week, a review of that fantastic short movie by Studio Rikka: Pale Cocoon.


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And so it begins, the bandwagon has taken off and woe befall those who miss it

It has begun. Japanese companies are getting into the real world. Crunchyroll, Joost, Hulu and the like are becoming the places to go if you want your anime fix. With every passing day ANN brings in more news about shows being streamed legally. Gonzo and Crunchyroll started but it’s only now that it’s becoming more apparent rather than a topic if you happened to like Strike Witches.

But now the bandwagon is catching speed. Skip Beat is a fantastic acquisition. I’m not mad on the show but many shojo fans love it. Naruto was an even better catch as it influences the younger audience, plus it’s probably the most watched show across the entire anime sphere (this includes all those other streaming sites where you wouldn’t hear about the numbers).

But the most significant outcome from all of this is the response from Dattebayo. The fansubbers are going to stop subbing. It’s not like they are dying out. It’s just the anime companies have started doing exactly what the fansubbers have wanted them to do.

What this bandwagon needs now is to get now is to get the next critically acclaimed, widely popular show. And there are two sitting there, soon to be released that, if they get them available legally, the bandwagon will have enough speed to see it out to the end.

And what are these 2 anime? Sequels obviously. Full Metal Alchemist Season 2 and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2.


The bandwagon has taken off and woe befall those who miss it

::Edit:: So long as this isn’t another bleeding troll ::Edit::


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