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Canaan Episodes Five & Six

my name is yun yun!

One of the many things a professional killer needs to conquer or tame (internally) – in my opinion – is fear: fear of killing, fear of others; fear of death. So to begin Episode Five with Canaan ambling down a street, recalling the sounds of Alphard’s dominance over her – which then causes her to throw up – really discredits her as an assassin. Though some may argue that as long as she gets the job done, what happens in her “free” time doesn’t matter. That’s true to some degree but, as we learn in these two episodes, sometimes what happens in “free” time really affects the job.

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canaan episodes three & four (sigh)

alphard owns canaan

In my first review of the first two episodes, my first impression was that I found this anime entertaining and interesting. In my second review of the third and fourth episodes, I’m afraid I have to retract my interest. Unfortunately, drawing out or even putting off this review isn’t going to make the series any better so I may as well get down to the happenings in Episodes Three and Four.

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