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Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 12 (finale)

I know I am way too late for my DTB Gemini of the Meteor review, but like they say, better late than never. Just to clear the air, I am without an internet access for the moment. Of course, I could just go to any WiFi hotspot in the city or probably use the internet in my office (which is unethical but everyone’s doing it anyway) or even borrow someone else’s mobile broadband (which is exactly what I am doing right now). But ultimately, I am going offline more often these days, rendering my lack of updates to this blog for days ahead. Sorry if I begin my review with a sour note but just wanting to inform you guys that I will be on my second (major) hiatus until this summer. I do hope I can make time to arrange the seasonal anime previews, a tradition started by Scamp of which I would like to continue but for certain, I won’t be posting any new post until I am done with my internship. Now, to the review.

Every final scene or episode must have a kissing scene.

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Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 11

The episode began with a murderous rampage by an unknown being whose appearance resembles similarly to a ghost. What is more terrifying is that this person kills contractors, an ability attributed to Izanami. This stark similarity goes further when it seemed that this person is able to manipulate contractors’ abilities against themselves and kill them. At this point, I am confused to label this new character as “the unknown being” mentioned in the Mitaka documents or as “Izanami”. While this is happening, Hei is taking things easy as he was preparing pelmeni for breakfast. More after the jump.

I’ve been wanting to do after seeing this particular shot of Mao in this episode.

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I wish for a DTB sequel but I got an OVA instead

Yes, you are reading the title correctly. This is old news but I just found it out while checking out more news on the Code Geass Project. ANN reported that this OVA is a side-story that links the events between the first season of Darker than BLACK: Kuro no Keiyakusha to the season season of Darker than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini. The time gap here is two years, mind you. There will be four episodes in total and these will be bundled together with the soon-to-be released Blu-Ray discs and DVD volumes of DTB: Ryuusei no Gemini. Not much details were revealed about the OVA’s storyline but Aniplex is streaming a promotional video of the OVA on the DTB official site. From what I can tell, we will seeing more romantic moments between Hei and Yin, while Hei be fighting against more contractors for an unknown reason. Something tells me that the hunt for Izanami had already begun within this two-year gap and also, it is likely that we’ll be seeing the awakening of Yin’s contractor-killing ability in this OVA.

“Hei, this is Aniplex speaking. About that DTB sequel you’ve requested, lets not do it for now. Please don’t kill me.”


Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 10

We are down to 2 more episodes and it is getting more exciting as it is. Turns out the revelation revealed in the previous episode, about Suou being dead 12 years ago, is a key point to the whole plot for this season, which leads to this very important fact: Shion has the ability to replicate an object. This fact alone probably answers a whole lot of questions that we have in for this season and I have several theories of my own. Scroll to the bottom of the page for my thoughts of the episode. But first, the episode synopsis.

“I promise I won’t bite, Mom.”

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Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 8 and 9

Whoops! Another long hiatus and I’ve missed two episodes of DTB. Once I caught up to it, writing two separate reviews would be a pain in the arse. Hence, the bi-episodic review of DTB this time. As a matter of fact, these two episodes are very good episodes individually. In one episode, it’s a swimsuit special (and also the second time get to see Misaki in her swimsuit — oh, fanservice please!) and the return of the good ol’ Li Shun Sheng, or better known as Hei. On the other episode, we have the biggest plot twist to the season. Dum dum dummm! Getting more exciting, isn’t it? More after the jump.

The good old times. Or as how I see it: DTB swimsuit special.

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Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 7

If there is anything this episode had proved to us is that a contractor does not need to use his or her ability to kill. Hei can do it, and so can Suou. The biggest surprise of this episode is definitely the fact that Dr. Pavlichenko is still alive and he has Shion with him. Slowly, the bigger picture to the whole plot is being revealed as all sides are now in Japan for pursue a common goal. This episode is also one of the good ones from this season. This review is going to be long. So please bear with me. More after the jump.

“This tea tastes funny. Oh wait, there’s a moon inside my drink.”

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Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 6

I know this comes in a little late but I can’t help it. Had my final exams for the past 2 weeks and I had to put this review on the backseat, despite this episode is the better one for the season. As predicted, Yin is alive though unconscious. Yet her lingering ghost suggests otherwise. And with special powers, Yin a.k.a. Izanami is the real deal of DTB this time around. That means BK201 is off the spotlight. More after the jump.

A brief family reunion.

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Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 5

Another plot added, this time, by the code name Izanami. This brings another question mark to this already mystery-laden story. Although things seem to pick up for the plot progress, this episode however felt more like a filler to me. No real development and the epilogue of Suou’s past did not help either. The only real progress to the story are the introduction of another contractor for Section 3, Michiru, and the first mention of Izanami. The rest are all about Suou, which makes me sad because Hei is no longer the central character of DTB. It felt that DTB Gemini is only an OVA instead of a sequel.

Not sure which is a better father figure: alcoholic Hei or obviously-not-human Pecha/Mao
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