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Random Conglomeration of Stuff

Inspired by Scamp’s Generic Post thingy with the awesome Ryu from Toradora pic.

I bring you a random conglomeration of stuff (not in sequencial order):

1. Vote for my avatar

2. To aru kagaku no railgun

3. Summer Wars

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Durarara 11: An Arabian oil baron = Mikado?

Brain Base makes a prodigious effort to emphasis three things:

1.   Baccano

2.   Twisted reality

3.   Over exaggerated actions.

DIGIMODIFY! Colorfication Activate!

I’ve heard that the leader is an ex-CIA special intelligence operative, and is an Arabian oil baron.

No, he’s a famous screenwriter and Dollars itself is a giant preparation.  True story.

Mikado wanted change.  He got change with a bit of luck and lies.  Out right lies that only stupid people would believe.  Then again, humans are idiots.  Don’t you agree Izaya?

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