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difficulties in creating quality fan fictions

Fan material is (by my definition) a fan created material that attempts to closely imitate an admired previous work in some fashion.  Fan art usually isn’t a problem.  If the art is well drawn, most people accept it with tolerance.  Perhaps not a raving applause and vans full of fan girls infatuated to the point that you COULD establish a harem, but a generally good tolerant audience with the occasional raving praise or trollific rant.  Fan written material must meet a different criterion.  I argue that writing a shitty fan fiction is second to not sinning on the top most impossible things on the planet.

I would kill to have this picture.

No seriously.

But this is fine too

i realized that our blog claims to be child safe look at the top info header thing up there ^ so no explicit sechs jokes i guees 😦

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