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Durarara 17 and 18: Wounds

Yay! Poro is BACH! Do to relatively small natural disasters, My electrical supply lines were severed as the forces of natured pitted me in a two front war.  I was forced to fight them both off with my black gloves of justice and guard skills, more commonly known as a bucket, sponge, and pink rubber gloves you can get at a 99 cents store.  I decided to take on the closure of the Slasher arc and Kida’s past.  BTW I would like to propose the creation of the Izaya is a MotherFucking Dick Society. (IMFDS )

I would like to propose several trivial topics to fill my post up with some actual original content that has (hopefully) not been discussed during the 1 week MIA time.  Onward. Continue reading ‘Durarara 17 and 18: Wounds’


Durarara 15: Spoiler Alert

Episode 15 follows the reporter we see from previous episodes. Mika Haruna’s (did I get it right) father.  He visits one main character to another until he gets turned into a freakish mindless zombie who just won’t die.  Little too late to give a spoiler alert, but I think that it is pretty self explanatory to watch anime before you read someone’s take.  If you just wanted a gist of it like “it was good.”, then I suggest you go read RC instead.

Raise your hand if you think she is creepy!

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Durarara 12 and 13: Compare and Contrast, a Sudden Sharp Turn

Anri “witnesses” the Slasher slicing 3 kogals apart.  She has blood splattered on her face.  According to her,

Nothing Changes



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Durarara 11: An Arabian oil baron = Mikado?

Brain Base makes a prodigious effort to emphasis three things:

1.   Baccano

2.   Twisted reality

3.   Over exaggerated actions.

DIGIMODIFY! Colorfication Activate!

I’ve heard that the leader is an ex-CIA special intelligence operative, and is an Arabian oil baron.

No, he’s a famous screenwriter and Dollars itself is a giant preparation.  True story.

Mikado wanted change.  He got change with a bit of luck and lies.  Out right lies that only stupid people would believe.  Then again, humans are idiots.  Don’t you agree Izaya?

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Durarara: What I hate about Anime and What I ♥ about it

Nutrition Facts on Poro’s Durarara Ep 10 post

Serving Size: 2 pictures and 200 words.

Numbers of Serving Sizes: 2

grams of awesome……………………….500 galactic oceans

fanboyism………………………………….between Haruhi and Endless Eight (idunno)

profanity……………………………………your mom




Ingredients: awesome, spoilers….. you get the picture.

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Durarara Episode 8: The Ephemeral Dream

Ephemeral means temporary or for one day.  It begins with the same old dream Celty has everyday symbolizing the same old crap she has to deal with everyday without any clue about the whereabouts of her head.  (Spoiler ridden btw.)  And ends with a glimmer of hope of the ephemeral dream.

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Durarara 4

Brain Base does it again! Despite that it lacked the sheer action of Ep 3, it was still interesting, and My shojo-manga-is-better-than-shounen-manga kind of preference and enjoyment of conversing episodes actually got me too like this Ep better.  I finished this note a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago.  Then wordpress DID NOT save my work, when I saved the #@)$#)$*#)(*$)#(*$)#(*)@ thing.  BUT! It didn’t that is why this post seems so bad.  I redid it AGAIN and it didn’t save that one either.  Sorry if this post is shitty.  I just don’t have the strength to post for the same episode thrice.

I lurv the smell in our love hotel :3

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Durarara Episode 2

Here we go again.  I guess my review is semi-late but that’s cuz of midterms .   I finished this post about 2 days ago.  I tried saving it only to have my laptop freeze.  I finally got over it and finished it.  I am cutting into my sleep time so I’ll have to make this short.  Durarara episode 2 was overall better than the previous, but its plot better get moving or my eyes will close.   Review after the jump:

“Spider-Pig~ Spider-Pig~

doin’ whatever a Spider-Pig does~

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