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Code Geass R2 Second OP and ED

Yes, it’s a little late for me to introduce the new OP and ED for Code Geass R2 now. But not doing so doesn’t seems right to me anyway, so I give it a go. In addition to the usual sceencaps and video of the OP and ED, I’ll add the PV for WORLD END performed by Flow.

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Nabari no ou OP and ED

Here I am, to dish out the goodness of Nabari no ou. I haven’t watch it yet (damn the broken links) but soon I will. There are currently two possible sources of which both I will review. The opening song by VELTPUNCH (new band?) is pretty rockish and I like it =) The ending song is more slow and soothing, pretty ok I guess. So have a look at the OP and ED while I catch up on Nabari. Both artists are unknown to me so I guess it’s a chance given to them to shine?

Nabari no ou OP – ‘CRAWL’ by VELTPUNCH

Nabari no ou ED – ‘HIKARI’ by ELISA


Code Geass R2: OP and ED

Code Geass R2 is finally out and the first episode is impressive, if not, well beyond expectation. Those who are waiting for fansubs, that would be quite a trouble as Code Geass R2 has already been licensed by Bandai Entertainment. Many fansubs would not dare to sub Code Geass R2 but there will be always a few that will do something for the good of the fans worldwide. Wow! Talk about global domination. Well now I’m not going to talk about the premiere of Code Geass R2. Instead I’ll present you the OP and ED for Code Geass R2, both of which are performed by Orange Range.

Code Geass R2 OP – O2 by Orange Range

Code Geass R2 ED – Shiawase Niero by Orange Range

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Gundam 00 New OP and ED

Apple had just released their latest offering to the Macbook family. Intorducing the impossibly thinnest and lightest Mac ever. Say hello to Macbook Air. I am not totally impressed by the specs but it is definitely a good news for people who are always on the move and Apple connoisseur (those who love Apple are not just ordinary fanboys because face it, Apple is art) like myself. Nonetheless with their commitment to make computers wireless, Apple might hit it big with this one. Macbook Air will on begin shipping in two-weeks time though I am not sure if this Macbook would be coming to Malaysia anytime soon.

Here’s the story so far. After Celestial Being declared to the world of their intention to eradicate all the wars of the world, pressure mounts on Gundam 00. However what all three major factions of the world – Union, AEU, and HRL – want is to harness the Gundam technology and position themselves at the ultimate superpower. They all are aware that their entire military might may not be capable enough to fight against the Gundams which has the technology that is a leap future away. Nonetheless focus also has been brought to each Gundam Meister who have personal problems of their own. Setsuna had to face his own past whenever he engages into battle. Allelujah on the other hand, had to battle with his own personal demon who might jeopardize himself and the Celestial Being altogether. Tieria may be a perfectionist but when it comes to dealing with his own mistakes, he will have big difficulties to overcome them. Lockon may seem to be the only Gundam Meister with lesser problems compared to the rest of his team but soon, should his nightmare comes to face him, there is no telling on how he is going to cope with it.

Gundam 00

Throughout the story so far (which now at episode 14), a gutsy reporter who was able to dig deeper into the ultra secretive Celestial Being proposed a rather disturbing opinion. From her perspective, it is possible that the Celestial Being may have another agenda in planning, besides of stopping all warfare. It is not clear what it is but my intuition tells me that the Celestial Being might be leading a path their own destruction. Indeed they have been a target to many opposing sides and their superior tools of war – the Gundam – is the prized possession that many would want to obtain. So what if the Gundams are far advanced in the aspect of technological warfare. The fact remains that they are heavily outnumbered in the presence of the combined powers of the world. This is exactly what had been plotted for episode 14 and the outcome can only be known for the coming episodes after this. If this is following the trend of the previous Gundam titles in this series, one Gundam may be captured and another Gundam will be unveiled. The latter is pretty much confirmed as what the OP is suggesting. If the former is true, the question now will be which Gundam would be captured and who is the pilot being compromised. If all is well, meaning that I have no anime to review for this season, I might be bringing Gundam 00 back to my review list. For now, just stay tuned.

Not to forget are the new OP and ED. The opening song is Ash Like Snow by the brilliant green and the ending song is Friends by Stephanie.

Both OP and ED are great, definitely better than the first ones though lately I’m getting used to Wana (the first ED). Despite of being a fan of L’Arc~en~Ciel, I must admit Ash Like Snow is way much better as compared to Daybreak’s Bell. However the new ED is what really impressed me. The animation compilation at the ED is stunning and blends with the song, making this ED as one of the best I’ve ever seen. Trust me, I am not being biased about this.


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