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Asura Cryin’ Season 2 Ep3

So as I’ve said before, this anime is like the “superman” of all mecha related anime. They do a great job with the CGI, (even though it may look a little out of place, XD) but we can never forget that the first season only gave us a mere ‘intro’ to what is now Tomoharu’s quest. Which is to change the fate of the Handlers and of the Burial Dolls. If we remember well in the beginning of this season, Tomoharu’s first intentions was to find his brother, which for some reason is almost impossible to find! The last episode left us off with Tokiya the Science President, and also the cotton-stuffed Koala, reunited with his beloved Tooru. And in return, Tokiya was going to help Tomoharu find his brother. Ok, shall we…

AC S2 E3

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Michiko to Hatchin episode 3

Ah yes, the third episode of Michiko was important because it was here that it had to show, in my eyes anyway, that the last episode wasn’t a fluke and it wasn’t going to go back to that crappy form of the first episode.


And it did! This show is beginning to live up to my high expectations I had at the start of the season. Mind you, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, there’s only been 3 episodes.

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nabari no ou episode 3+4

We continue to follow the footsteps of the award winning act cute protagonist together with his 3 guardians into the hidden fuuma ninja village.

Edit: Due to my hectic work and procrastinations, this will be a combined review of episode 3, Raid and episode 4, Assignment (I didn’t like the translation, based on the chinese characters, it would be more appropriate to name it “Mission Briefing” oh well).

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