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Michiko to Hatchin episode 6

Michiko to Hatchin has had a rather bizarre release schedule of late so far, but hopefully it will even out soon enough. It’s much more enjoyable to watch a show weekly than 2 every other week.

vlcsnap-22536Before I review this episode I would like to say I do not approve of the slaughter of cartoon animals for our entertainment.

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Natsume Yuujinchou episode 6

We’re already halfway through Natsume Yuujinchou and yikes, the time sure flew! It feels like I’ve been watching this show for far longer.

I’m going to use more pictures and less writing in this one, because then you get to look at lots of lovely pictures and I get to write less. It’s a win-win situation. I this episode, Natsume decides to help a pretty women, much to the annoyance of Nyanko

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