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The Super Late Con Coverage: Otakuthon 2012 – The Saturday Portion: I LOVE YOU (NOT), REI!!!

This post is proof that I am still alive and lazy well. This is a report of my 2nd year experience at Otakuthon 2012 in Montreal that took place during the dates of August 3rd to August 5th (Oh how late I am). As I am too much of a sociopathic narcissist to interact with human beings, this post will not make mention of any external human behavior. However, what this post has is the entire Ohmi Tomoe concert. Whoever she is, it doesn’t matter as long she can sing.

Note that I did not participate on Day 1 as the convention started at 5 PM and as there wasn’t really any good panels at first sight. I only went to get my pass on that day. I must say that waiting for an hour almost killed my back. It’s a sign that I must cosplay as an old geezer next year. Also, Day 3 was not worth of mention to be in this post.

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Sai Mecha: Cinderella Story?

The inaugural Sai Mecha Super Dimensional Robot Tournament has almost run its course with all my nominations having already fallen and we stand on the verge of crowning our first champion.

Will it be the god-defying show-stopper or an everyday man’s cinderella story? Before we can judge though we should look at what came before…

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Evangelion: Should they have left it alone?

One of my biggest peeves in today’s anime world is the constant remaking of classic anime simply for the use of profits and merchandise.  Sure, it revives the spirit of the anime and it certainly helps attract more fans, but should some anime be left alone so that people can truly appreciate the masterpiece that was first created long ago?  The artwork of previous generations goes essentially to waste when a group of people remake a movie/series so that new people look to the remake versions rather than the ones that made them famous.  Anyways, I want to talk about Evangelion, and I want to hear what you guys think about the series, the movies, and the remakes of it.

‘Rei Ayanami’ – old yet beautiful artwork

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