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Apple’s Macbook Event: Hoping to add this into my Christmas wishlist

Steve Jobs is about to go “BOOM” again. This time around, it’s gonna be the new Macbooks. I must admit it, I’m an Apple fanboy. And these new Macbooks would get me all excited nonetheless. If you want to catch the event live, do check out the liveblogs covering the event. Here’s one, Gizmodo’s liveblog, and I’ll be following this one. Hopefully, the new Macbooks would be very awesome as always. Do take note that I pluralize the Macbooks. Yes, it’s gonna be more than just one Macbook.


More Code Geass R2 Teasers / Malaysia Decided 2008

More stuff on Code Geass R2. Heed this warning. Reading any further means that you agreed on knowing some of the possible spoilers of the story. Alright now. Code Geass R2, as many would know, is a year jump from its first season. Yet this second season have many things going on that many would wonder what had really happened to the whole story. Here are some of the key events of things to come.

 Code Geass R2

  • Lelouch has a younger brother? Honestly this person was never mentioned in the first season and having him introduced seems rather forced into. I’m not sure if he is even his biological brother or not because Lelouch only have other half-siblings, but there is a good chance that he might be.
  • Lelouch has a slightly longer hair and somewhat looks more gentle. I don’t what is this suggesting but I’m guessing that he might have lost his memory somewhere along the line. He might have even lost his Geass though I would see this unlikely to happen.
  • More new Knighmare Frames and now they have Vincent as their latest addition. Vincent is modeled after Lancelot, poised to be used for mass production. Speaking of Lancelot, now Lancelot can fly. Also new is the Knights of the Round who are supposed to the elite team of Knightmare pilots and not so surprising, Suzaku is part of the team. And he’s the only Eleven to ever join the team.
  • Nunally’s fate is unknown but if things are going as what the manga expected, she may return with a Geass. And if she can use Geass, that of course would mean that she is no longer blind.

You can read more about this in its official website (in Japanese) or Random Curiosity. If you want the wallpaper for the image above, just let me know.

On another story, Malaysia had recently gone through its general election. Many echoes that this is the most unimaginable election Malaysia has ever had, and the oppositions are happy to tout their democratic victory. Well on a glance, nothing much had changed. The main coalition party, the National Front, remains the governing party of the Parliament but this time, they are losing their majority as the oppositions are gaining stronger grounds in the country’s political platform. I’m trying to be unbiased here but here’s a fact. The National Front, which consists of many smaller group of race-oriented parties, had been controlling Malaysia ever since Independence Day. As time goes on, more political parties emerged, promising better racial unity that Malaysians are having trouble with until today. The National Front being the government, denied any disunity within the population, a fact of which they have been always tried to ignore.

Enter the so-called Opposition Front, that are made of Democratic Action Party, National Justice Party, and Pan-Islamic Party. The strongest among the three is Democratic Action Party and together with National Justice Party, they resounded a hope of a better Malaysia where racial discord is a relic of the past and equality to all in terms of rights and economy gain. Their only problem is that they never had a chance to properly govern a state or the country as a whole. However that does not mean that the National Front is doing any lesser. They come with many megaprojects that are necessary to secure the country’s biggest ambition – to be a developed nation by the year 2020. The problem is that they are moving too fast to the extent that they ignore the very foundation of this country, which is racial unity. I know that I sounded a little biased to the opposition side but I have to be clear that I am politically neutral on this matter. As for the election outcome, the National Front won by a simple two-thirds majority over the country but the setback was losing 5 out of 13 constitutionalized states. Among them are Selangor and Penang, both of which are wealthy industrial states.


Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia

I had great time during my brief stay in KL and to top it off, I’ve also bought my first ever copy of NEWTYPE USA magazine. The magazine is the December 2007 (a little backdated) issue with Code Geass on the cover. I’m on cloud nine!

It’s the mid-semester break for my university in conjunction of the Chinese New Year celebration, so I took the opportunity to go for a shopping holiday in KL. Furthermore the timing is considered perfect as I was able to attend a particular event there. While many Jay Chou’s fans thronged 1Utama shopping mall, I was on a separate event to attend one of the highlights of Malaysia’s music calander – Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia concert. The odd thing about the gig is that it lacks publicity. Most of my friends were not aware of the concert, not until when I told them about it. To be frank, I did not know about it in the first place if not for my friend. Thanks to her, I got the ticket. Even so, the day before the big day, the event was featured on The Star. So as far as the fanfare is concerned, there wasn’t much of it.

Switchfoot LIVE in MalaysiaOpening act by Love Me Butch…

Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia…and Altered Frequency. Continue reading ‘Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia’


Welcoming 2008

The following images do not belong to me, unless stated otherwise. I respect the intellectual ownership of the images and all copyright is reserved. If necessary to have these picture removed, kindly let me know first. Images are used for blogging purposes only.One of the highlight events in ushering the new year is the countdown party. People from various walks of life gather, typical around somewhere a clock is visible to many so as to allow revellers to count numbers backwards. At the very moment when the final second of the year is over and the new year begins, displays of many types are brought to life. And in any traditional manner, fireworks is the essential part in welcoming the new year and in this case, the year 2008. Cities around the world celebrate this in their own way. The followings are examples of the joyous mood of this brand new year (and day).From Sydney, where the year 2008 came earlier than the rest of the world.

New Year Eve in Sydney

To New York, among the few cities best known for their countdown parties.

New Year Eve in New York

From Tokyo, where new year celebrations are done uniquely theirs.

New Year Eve in Tokyo

To Hong Kong, among the world’s cities with the best pyrotechnic displays.

New Year Eve in Hong Kong

From Singapore, where this tiny nation have their new year party a blast.

New Year Eve in Singapore

To Kuala Lumpur, among the many New Year celebrating cities in Malaysia.

New Year Eve in Kuala Lumpur

However somewhere around the east coast of the Malaysia Peninsula, one city is being left out from the celebration. The stroke of midnight of 1st of January 2008 is just like any other midnights of any other ordinary nights. For Kelantanese, 1 January 2008 is just the beginning of another day despite the fact that it is the brand new year. Unfortunately I am in that city. The city named as Kota Bharu.

New Year Eve in Kota Bharu

There were those who are celebrating though it was not close of being any celebration.

New Year Eve in Kota Bharu

At least I know that I am not alone.


Last Words of 2007

The year is approaching to an end. People attending parties to enjoy the final moments of this year. Some probably witness the live telecast of the countdown party from the comforts of their home. Some probably had to put effort in their works despite of the jovial mood around them. And some like myself would be sitting in front of their laptop, doing God-knows-what. Friends who know me would probably think that I’ll be bashing a party or if not, have some fun privately but any of those would not be happening simply because of one reason. Believe it or not, Kelantan – where I currently study and stay – do not have a holiday for the New Year. 1 January 2008 is just like any other day when everyone do their usual business. Indeed outsiders such as myself would consider this as a culture shock but respecting the local culture is something I have learn to practice.Obviously I don’t have the mood to talk personal matters in my blog, not to mention that I take my privacy seriously. What I really want to talk about now is my life in the blogosphere. Quite often, many people have no direction in life. Even I myself have troubles in choosing a path to my future. Always that I think about the short-term goals in life rather than to look ahead. This attitude frankly is not good, especially when you are aiming success in life. The same goes to my blog. I have started blogging since I was 16 actually and that was in 2003. In fact at that time, I was quite dedicated to webpage building and I have been constantly learning on how to construct a webpage. Most of the time, it’s self-studied. So I used that ability I to build a custom online journal on my own. It paid off but then I quit. It was public examination year in 2004 and that gave me little time to blog. Several years later in 2006, I ended my long hiatus from the blogosphere and began updating ever since. It was quite recent – I am aware of it. However I was naive at that time and like I said earlier, I was lost without any direction. Most of the time, I would blog about my emotional self (yeah, kind of pathetic don’t you think?) and endless rants. At one point, a friend of mine comment of how silly my blog is. And there’s truth in those words, no one really cared about your personal life. Some people would probably had it tougher elsewhere. Anyway I started or rather returned blogging last year with the purpose of keeping in touch with my friends. Again I say, I was naive then. Then it came to point when I decided to bring blogging to another level. I know it’s hard work but deep inside, I believe it worth the effort. 1 March 2007 was the day when I began my exodus from Blogspot to WordPress. Honestly the blogging experience in WordPress is great with their dedicated dashboard that make the life of us bloggers a little bit easier. Many great features I would like to share to you but I guess I leave the searching to you.Also at that time, I made a personal ultimatum to make this personal blog of mine into an anime blog. Since then, there was no stopping for me. Even now, I must admit that I’m still new in this business but I strife to improve myself. With little resources and limited time, I can only do my best to make ends meet. In reference to my anime reviews, of course. I know that this post seems rather odd but my frustrated soul now tells me to just let myself out regardlessly. In other words, become emo once in a blue moon. Having said enough, I wish all readers a happy new year and all the best for the year 2008. May 2008 be a whole load of great anime titles and everything beyond the otaku realm.


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