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First Impressions: Appleseed XIII

As is Bokutachi tradition, Its never too Late and that is clearly what Production I.G. had in mind when they were busy making this show as it was subjected to countless delays and setbacks. But finally it has made its way to screens and unfortunately, I have to say that I am quite underwhelmed.

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Steins;Gate Episode 5

Steins;Gate fashionably 5 days late as usual.  Nonetheless, this episode we have some kickass foreshadowing and -of course- fan service.  You must be wondering what kind of fan service would occur from an anime with a smelly pig, a mad scientist, a tsundere genius, an airhead maid cafe girl, a nekomimi maid, and a girl who specializes in bikes.  Not to mention the cross-dressing miko and the antisocial text spammer.  Let’s find out shall we >:D

Do i even need a caption?

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Hurrah for Pandora Hearts fanservice

You might claim you are watching this anime for the deep and involving plotline. You may point out the absorbing development Oz has gone through since the start, or how his relationship with Alice has gradually evolved over the course of the anime. You may also say, only as an afterthought, that you watch this anime for the fanservice, but hasten to add that this anime has a rather small amount of that said attraction. Frankly, I wish there was more.


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