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Freezing 12 – The Beginning

So it finally comes to this climatic finale of the season, excitingly titled Satelizer vs Pandora – you just know some sh!ts gona go down or at least we hope.

For those who haven’t watched the past few weeks, in a nutshell… We’ve been watching a bunch of pandora’s (female warriors with special powers) train and b!tch with each other until their academy came under a large scale Nova (the bad guys) attack. Now the main protaginists are the last line of defense between the Nova and the sacred First Pandora, sh!t is going down!

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Freezing 11 – Oh so thats…

Episode 10 left me with alot of questions, enough to make it quite difficult to put together a proper post about it. Episode 11 thankfully answered a few of those questions in addition to being rather kickass.

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Freezing 9: Nova Attack!

Some of you still following this show may have noticed that I skipped blogging last weeks episode. That was partly owing to the fact that last week was a Gears of War 2 XP event which I spent most of my time playing but last weeks episode was also just one big ecchi filler episode which really didn’t merit its own post.

So I will briefly recap episode 8 before I press on to the much more interesting episode 9.

The Untouchable Pandora Queen
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Freezing 7: The Fighting

Well as I left off last week, I said I was looking forward to this episode and I definately enjoyed this weeks episode for reasons that I can’t really say but should be fairly obvious.

Hint: It starts with ‘boo’ and ends with ‘bees’.

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Freezing 6 ~de arimasuyo

Another episode of Freezing and another episode not featuring the deadly Nova. Instead we get a catfight extrordinaire – Bridgette vs. Rana!

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Freezing 5 – The Friend Zone

Haha, as I was watching the intro for the episode I thought to myself that this intro is so misleading, Satellizer does wear such clothes, no one wears any clothes besides their school uniform! And then what do you know, Satelizer wears something different, heehee.

Satellizer choosing clothes
Anyway, after last weeks ‘pointless’ episode, we move along quite abit in this episode. In other words… a lot of stuff happens! Finally.

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Freezing 4: A Misunderstanding

Atia SimmonsRight, before we begin, can somebody please tell me who the hell this person is (see right)? I know her name is Atia Simmons because she introduced herself at the end of last weeks episode, but who IS she? And what influence does she have? Because if it wasn’t for her, this weeks episode probably, no definately would not have happened. Bridgette wouldn’t have exposed herself to Aoi and the school would have saved alot of money from damages, talk about a pot-stirrer! That being said, it was a rather pointless episode as well.

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Freezing – Episode 3

The story doesn’t seem to be progressing much, I know its only the 3rd epiosde but this is a 12 episode show so we should atleast have some sort of plot by now. All they seem to be doing is adding in more & more characters by way of pointless fights. And there wasn’t even much fighting in this episode.

Bridgette L. Satellizer

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