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12 Days of Anime #8: TiTs

So we all know that sex sells and the anime industry is no different nor a stranger to sexiness.

However when I intially thought up the concept for this post I was evidently thinking of last year becasue as I found out there were considerably less (excessively) ecchi-type anime this year. Go figure.

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Freezing 11 – Oh so thats…

Episode 10 left me with alot of questions, enough to make it quite difficult to put together a proper post about it. Episode 11 thankfully answered a few of those questions in addition to being rather kickass.

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Freezing 9: Nova Attack!

Some of you still following this show may have noticed that I skipped blogging last weeks episode. That was partly owing to the fact that last week was a Gears of War 2 XP event which I spent most of my time playing but last weeks episode was also just one big ecchi filler episode which really didn’t merit its own post.

So I will briefly recap episode 8 before I press on to the much more interesting episode 9.

The Untouchable Pandora Queen
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Freezing 7: The Fighting

Well as I left off last week, I said I was looking forward to this episode and I definately enjoyed this weeks episode for reasons that I can’t really say but should be fairly obvious.

Hint: It starts with ‘boo’ and ends with ‘bees’.

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Freezing 6 ~de arimasuyo

Another episode of Freezing and another episode not featuring the deadly Nova. Instead we get a catfight extrordinaire – Bridgette vs. Rana!

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