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12 moments in anime #4: There’s always more to watch

Spurned on by the combination of the brilliance that was this years Eden of the East and the ingenuity of the Ghost in the Shell movie, I finally got around to watching Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex this year. For the record, I prefered Eden of the East mainly because of the annoying level of inconsistency in GITS:SAC. But it was still fantastic enough to break into my top 20, one of only 3 series I watched this year to achieve that (the others being Akira and Eden, although I’m not counting Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood in there because I group it with the first series because they are just about equal). However there was a slight panic  when I finished Ghost in the Shell. This was the last ‘great’ series I had watched. All the other great anime series I had seen. Cowboy Bebop, Full Metal Alchemist, Neon Genisis Evangelion, Death Note, Samurai Champloo and so on. I had this genuine fear that I had seen the last great series.

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Those moments that remind you exactly why you love anime

In my last post I talked about the rather depressing side of anime with not being afraid to drop series. So now I’m going to talk about the greatest moments I’ve experienced while watching anime. Sometimes it’s just a single scene combined with your own over-the-top reaction to it. Sometimes it’s because you’ve just watched an episode so perfect you couldn’t imagine that you’d ever watch anything as good as that ever again. Or sometimes it’s something on a more personal level. I’m sure you have those moments and I dare say you can probably already pick a few off the top of your own head. So for now, I’m going to list out my top 10 moments that reminded me exactly why I love anime so much.

Sundance Kid pose

Since I cut it down to 10, theres a few I left out. The delight while re-watching Cromartie to realise that’s it’s exactly as funny as a remembered it to be. Those weird dreams I would have after watching Haibane Remnei. The ‘Alleujah Beam’ in Evangelion episode 22ish that resulted in one of the most surreal sequences I’ve ever seen. But I had to cut it down to 10. This post has almost 2000 words as it is.

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Favourite Anime Movie survey

I already mentioned this in my Akira post but I feel I should do a full post to garner more attention for this survey. Animesource are running a favourite anime movie survey. The polls close on August 5th so you still have about 2 weeks to vote (at least, at the time of writing). So go on, pop on over if you haven’t already voted yet. I have no idea how many people actually know of this site but they run giant fan-surveys about 3 times a year and they are always fun to see the results of.MovieSurveyTeaser

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