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The greatest anime review I have ever read

A quick background before I introduce this review: Back when I began watching anime, I had no idea about any of the hype behind any series, and I’m sure everyone else started the same way. I just shot through random review sites, picking up whatever sounded cool or whatever was highly rated. Obviously I read reviews too but this one review stuck in my mind. I’d totally forgotten where I’d seen it until just recently when I stumbled across it on Animenfo. It was a review so powerful that it made me drop everything and go watch it. This is the link to the review but I’ve copied it down here for you guys to read.

The guys user name is XDragon. The anime he is reviewing is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

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Gurren Lagann Parallel Work 7… Not quite…

There is no episode 7 for Parallel Works this time around. Yes, this little project of Gainax has come to an end. After 6 episodes of unique, different perspective of Gurren Lagann and this includes some nudity in between, I must say, Parallel Works is something great for the fans of the anime. Not to mention some of the fusion art style in several of the episode, making this short music video project something pleasant yet memorable to watch.

Should you be checking on the official website, episode 1 is repeated again and I believe they will continue this cycle until the release of the Gurren Lagann movie. So for now, stay tuned.


Here is Gurren Lagann Parallel Works 5 [WARNING: NUDITY]

Brian couldn’t find it. But I did. At Go drop by and say thanks to them. I ain’t a fan so all I can say is, the music for this episode sounds like tracks I would get when I play a EA Sports NBA Live game. AND NOTE: NUDITY IS ALL OVER IT. I REPEAT: NOT SAFE FOR WORK. OR KIDS, GO WATCH SOMETHING ELSE.


Gurren Lagann Parallel Works 6; but where’s episode 5?

As much as I wanted to show you episode 5 of Gurren Lagann Parallel Works, there was no streaming available for it. Apparently the nudity content is a tad too much for public video hosting sites. If you were lucky, you could manage to watch it on Gurren Lagann Parallel Works official site. If you haven’t, then I’m sorry to say that you have missed your chance already.

Now, this week of episode 6 offers something very similar to Gurren Lagann but a quick glance through all the characters would leave you in doubt on who’s who. Simon is more distinguishable but Kamina has little resemblance of Mugen from Samurai Champloo and his fighting style is definitely the same as the referred. With its rock-ish music of “To Hell with Gettai”, the action and the comeback of Gurren Lagann makes this one yet another favourite of mine. Hit play for zero-nudity spin-off of Parallel Works.


Gurren Lagann Parallel Works 4

Sorry for the absence for the last few days. Until now, I am still adapting to the new environment in my newly rented apartment nearby my campus. Also affected are my anime reviews. Hopefully things will get back running normally after this weekend *fingers crossed*.

It’s that time again; the short, 3-minute long relief of Gurren Lagann. As the title suggests, each episode (yes, I admit that it took me this long to figure that Parallel Works is a weekly fixture) is a different story – on a totally realm altogether – from its original mecha fiction. Again, as parallel as it gets, this week, things took the opposite turn. What we have was Kamina, together with Simon, being the symbol of the greatness of mankind (the good guys). However this time, Viral took the role of the protagonist, somewhat into a cowboy-like hero with the 4 Great Commanders as his allies. And the villain is none other than Kamina himself. Yes, we get to see Kamina on the evil side while Viral as the good guy, though the latter is not exactly something new. With “Pierce the Heaven with Your XXX” as the accompanying song, this episode is something fun to watch.


Gurren Lagann Parallel Works 3 is the Coolest Yet

This third installment of Parallel Works is, by far my favourite episode among the lot. The art style, the jazz music, and all Gurren Lagann. Yes, this is what happens when you have Cowboy Bebop jazzing the tunes, Samurai Champloo funking the animation style with Mononoke-esque art style to depict all things Gurren Lagann. Accompanying music this time is Yoko’s theme, Boing vs Boing. The lady of Gurren Lagann shows us how cool “boing” can be. Hit play for sheer coolness.


Gurren Lagann Parallel Works: Take Two

More Gurren Lagann greatness. Maybe the manliness is scaled down in this second video release but Kamina looking sharp as always. After the fight to rescue Nia in a totally different dimension, which was almost happily-ever-after fantasy-like, the faces of Gurren Lagann return with another Parallel Works. This time, it’s pachinko time for Viral. Frankly speaking, I do not enjoy this one as compared to the previous release. But do look out for Viral in an expression you would never thought have seen. That should hold up the interest.

To set the records straight, there is no news for a second season for Gurren Lagann. I highly doubt that myself because the story seems to have a solid end. However there is a confirmed work on the Gurren Lagann movie project, which would probably due by this fall season. Do keep tabs on that one.


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